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Home Sensors Passive millimeter-wave imaging system for observation through fog and other atmospheric conditions

Passive millimeter-wave imaging system for observation through fog and other atmospheric conditions


Passive millimeter wave sensors provide the ability· to see through fog, clouds, smoke and dust, drizzle, dry snow, smoke, and other obstacles makes the millimeter waves imaging systems the most efficient instrument to resolve a wide scope of problems which can't be solved with help of infrared and optic systems.

At the same time the absence of any active radiation as in radars can be used for the remote and invisible control of the neighborhood situation in case of enough small, middle and real distances. Reasonable to say this tune there exists big boom in field of the design and production the various passive microwave systems for the finding the concealed objects under clothing. Such devices have some of the same technical task. Possibly it is necessary to remark that such systems for security will not find wide application according to short working distances, the presence of special control chambers or understanding about remote control.

In our opinion the real microwave remote systems for the security items will find the real wide application in case of the working distances not smaller than 10 meter (or more).

In this case it will be possible to provide some invisible control and to design the system in the stationary variant. There is no need to have small size system. Naturally according to bigger distance it will be necessary to use the receiving antenna with bigger diameter according to size of one pixel on the microwave image. At the same time reasonable to remove all unnecessary microwave losses before the sensors with best sensitivity and to use the radiometric scheme of the full power mode.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

An important advantage of current design is the removal all unnecessary microwave losses before the sensors with best sensitivity and the using the radiometric scheme of the full power mode.

The sensors operate in 8 mm frequency band and have temperature sensitivity not worse than 10 inK/Hz1/2 in total power mode.

The array contains 32 sensors located in form of two vertical rows. Each row contains 16 sensors. The rows are shifted relative to each other in such way to form with antenna 32 beams .

The antenna 32 beams, which will draw 32 strips during first scanning of array with antenna in horizontal direction and 64 strips after second (reverse) scan.

The elevation angle of antenna with array changes at the end of the every horizontal scan on 120°.

The prime-focus-fed parabolic reflector is used as main antenna. The reflector has diameter D = 900 mm providing the beam width near 0.6 degrees at 3 dB level. The focal length of antenna F = 990 mm, that satisfies to condition F/D ≥ 1 for multi-beams antennas.

Real construction has the sizes on Fig.l and real radio-image in 8 mm wave band presented on fig 2.

Areas of Application

  • Vessels navigation in conditions of poor visibility.
  • Various investigations for measuring of temperature charts of earth surface.
  • Guard systems (all-weather perimeter surveillance).
  • Ecology surveillance of environment. Search and rescue.

Fig. 1 Passive 8 mm imaging system and sizes

Fig. 2 Buildings - 8 mm image and optical

Stage of Development

Tested, available for future demonstration-field tested

Contact Details

Alexander Denisov
Organization: State Research Center "Iceberg"
Adress: Av. Acad. Glushkova 20, 03680, Kiev, Ukraine
+ (38-044) 526-54-54
Fax:+ (38-044) 526-54-54
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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