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Home Sensors Effective sensors on the basis of CdTe:3d and CdHgTe:3d

Effective sensors on the basis of CdTe:3d and CdHgTe:3d


Nowadays there is a great problem in the noncooled X- and γ-sensors, laser vibrometers and laser systems of non-destroying control of quality of different materials: metals, composits, soldered seams etc. There is a complex problem, which includes technological investigations (crystalline growth by different methods, their hightemperature annealing in the component vapour and passivation of the defects on the crystalline surface, etc.). Radiation detectors on the basis of CdTe possess much better characteristics comparing to other semiconductor radiation detectors, such as cooled detectors on the basis of silicon and germanium.

We propose:

  • investigation and development of technology of crystalline growth of Cd(Hg, Zn, Mn)Te (NHg, NZn, NMn ≤10%), doped with 3delements, 15 – 20 mm in diameter with following parameters: dark resistivity at 300 К ≥1⋅109 Ω⋅cm, drift mobility of charge carriers μе ≥1000 cm2/V⋅s, μh ≥100 cm2/V⋅s, lifetime of electrons τе ≥ 1⋅10-6 s, lifetime and mobility product for electrons ≥1⋅10-3 cm2/V, and for holes ≥1⋅10-4 cm2/V with concentration of impurity atoms 1017 − 1* 1019 cm-3;
  • crystals of CdHgTe with NHg ≤5 – 10% showed increase in photoelectrical cross section in 17 and 29% comparing to crystals of CdTe and CdZnTe (10% Zn), respectively;
  • investigation of homogeneity and optical quality of photorefractive crystals of CdTe:V, CdTe:Ti, CdTe:V:Ti;
  • defined practical guidelines considering development of portable spectrometers with high resolution for in situ control of radioactively dangerous objects and adaptive photodetectors.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Materials proposed possess characteristics, which exceed the known ones, especially it relates to the crystals of CdHgTe:3d, CdTe:V, CdTe:Ti, resistivity of which is greater than 1⋅109 Ω⋅cm and μе ≥103 cm2/V⋅s.

Areas of Application

Sensors of operative monitoring of radioactively dangerous objects, enhancement security against the hijackers in airports, railway stations and other public places.

Stage of Development

Checked by laboratory tests

Contact Details

Paranchych Stepan
Address: 2, Kotsyubynskoho str. 58012 Chernivtsi, Ukraine,
Work telephone number: (0372)584753
Home telephone number: (0372)556282
Fax: (0372)542914
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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