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Automated Monitoring of Leak-Proofness with Containers with Toxic Materials


The issue of tank leak-proofness monitoring is very topical in many technical fields during manufacturing, storage, transportation and operation of tanks with different explosive, toxic and other liquids.

Great variety of liquid types, their properties as well as different conditions of their storage and operation in tanks requires application of different means and methods that can be used for monitoring of leakproofness of these tanks.

Currently specially developed means and techniques of leak-proofness monitoring are being used in different technical fields that allow to one extent or another to provide safe operation of tanks. With the purpose of improvement of leak-proofness monitoring means and methods we developed and manufactured the leak sensor, design peculiarities of which are introduced in USSR Inventors Certificate # 281245 dated September 1, 1985 «Liquid leak sensor».

In 2008 in the US patent # 7398676 dated July 15, 2008 the similar two-conductive leak sensor design was proposed. In 2009 in the framework of STCU Project # 3891 Yuzhnoye SDO together with ITM of Georgian Academy of Science developed, manufactured and validated during tests two-conductive leak sensor (LS) which consists of two conductors located on absorbent pad which provides closing of two-conductive sensor electrical circuit when the pad is moistened. During this time, in case of two-conductor sensor design special conductive rubber bundles are used as sensitive elements. Leak sensors of such design are anticipated for nonorganic (current conductive) liquids leak monitoring in mechanical interfaces and in tanks.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Besides the above-indicated leak sensor, in the given project it was presented one-conductive sensor developed by Georgian ITM and Yuzhnoye SDO on the basis of carried-out research results using conductive rubber bundle. Modified leak sensor allows not only to determine the moment of leak formation but also to identify the type of liquid which possesses both conductive and non-conductive (for organic liquids) properties. Distinguishing feature of the sensor is its reliability and mobility during operation. For steady tank leak-proofness monitoring the special “crate” measuring system has been developed that allowed to log, warn and document the moment and place of leak formation on display screen and in hard-copy form.

Areas of Application

Developed leak sensor’s structures, monitoring and logging systems allow to resolve the problem of leak-proofness monitoring of tanks with toxic and explosive liquids during long-term operation in stationary conditions as well as during transportation. Along with this it became possible to identify the liquid type of medical products on the basis of special catalog. Developed leak sensor’s structures and “crate” monitoring and identification measuring system allow to automate the leak-proofness monitoring and monitoring of operation reliability for different systems, facilities, transportation means as well as to provide safety of supporting personnel and to preserve environment.

Fig. 1 General View

Stage of Development

Experimental samples of leak sensors have been developed and tested.

There were developed, tested and prepared for replication crate automated leak-proofness monitoring system for the tanks with different liquids:
- conductive liquids like acids, alkalis, water solutions;
- non-conductive (organic) liquids like kerosene, hydrazine and others.

Contact Details

Firsov Vitaliy, Leading Engineer
Organization: Yuzhnoye State Design Office named after M. K. Yangel.
Address: 3, Krivorozhskaya Str., Dniepropetrovsk, 49008, Ukraine.
: +38 (056)792-5161
fax: +38 (056) 770-0125
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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