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The acoustic method of measuring of levels of fusions in ferronickel and other metallurgical stoves is offered as well as measuring of gradients of temperatures on the vertical section of fusion. Creation of the device for the medical aims is possible, in which non invasive measuring of temperature in live biological fabrics will be carried out, and also, if necessary, localization of internal inflammatory processes. A method allows carrying out the continuous monitoring of the explored objects. The effect of temperature dispersion of sound-waves is fixed on the basis of the method. The method accuracy in temperature measurements makes from 0.1 to 1 degree Celsius, in level of fusion measurements - not worse than 0.25 wave-length in an environment (fusion).

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The method is applied to measurement of levels and temperatures of friable and chemically aggressive environments. The continuous monitoring of measured parameters will allow to promote quality of products, reduce current operating out-lays on repairing of smelting equipment (for example, repair of stoves), to minimize the non-productive losses of electric power in electro-smelting stoves; to promote safety of work for auxiliary personnel due to exception of necessity of presence of people in dangerous areas. In medicine a device will allow to promote probability of diagnostics of inflammatory processes on early stages.

Areas of Application

In metallurgy: for measurement of levels of fusions in ferronickel and other metallurgical stoves, and for measuring of gradients of temperatures on the vertical section of fusion.

In medicine: for non-invasive remote measurement of thermal gradient of the inflammatory process in living tissue and treatment of cancer.


Stage of Development


Contact Details

Kogut Aleksandr Yevgenievich
Organization: Usikov Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of NAS of Ukraine
Address: 12, Ac. Proskura St., 61085, Kharkov, Ukraine
+38-057-720-34-57, +38-057-720-33-19,  Mob: +38-050-401-16-96
Fax: +38-057-315-21-05
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