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Multilayer Film Sensor for Damage Diagnostics


The new innovative approach to damage diagnostics within the production and maintenance/servicing procedures in industry is proposed. It is based on the real-time multiscale monitoring of the smart-designed multilayer film sensors (SMFS) of fatigue damage with the standard electrical input/output interfaces which can be connected to the embedded and on-board computers. SMFS is a multilayer (~ 0.2-0.4 mm) structure which could be rigidly attached (glued, welded or sputtered) to the underlying engineering component with complex geometry.

Creation Sensory Diodes Structures on the Basis of Crystals CdTe for Devices of Detecting X-Ray and G-Ray Radiations





Samples of the In/CdTe/Au detectors

The technology of fabrication of diode structures is in the formation of a p-n junction in a surface layer of high resistivity CdTe crystal by the method of laser-induced doping and vacuum deposition of electrodes.

Inorganic Photoresist


Proposed inorganic photoresist is based on thin films of chalcogenide glasses deposited onto substrate by thermal vacuum evaporation.

Pulse Microwave (MW) Bridge for a Q-Band Electron Spin-Echo (ESE) Spectrometers Equipped with Frequency Counter

Spin-echo experiment is in exciting of the spin system with a high power pulse of MW energy and then measuring the emission signal that is referred to as spin echo signal - the response of the spin system on pulse excitation.

Colorimetric Detector of Gas Mixtures

Chemical sensor optoelectronic system for the analysis of composition of gas mixtures on the basis of interference transducer

Development And Manufacturing of Semiconductor Linear Sensors for Multifunction Lowdoze X-Ray Vehicles

The novablex-ray diagnostic cabinet

Semiconductor scanning linear sensor does not require periodic service. Due to the active elements which are in it provides the spatial resolution in the patient’s plane of to 4 pairs of lines on mm.

Іnstrument for Biochemical Analysis of Aqueous Solutions

Instrument operation is based on simultaneous potentiometric examination of variety of ion-sensitive membranes.

Silicon Pressure Sensors



Two types of pressure sensors have been developed for measurement of absolute, differential and gauge pressures of liquids and gases:- (i) of the pure non aggressive; and (ii) of aggressive liquids and gases environments.

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