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Miniature single and multidetector modules and array detectors for compton and positron emission tomography

Flexible single-detector assembly

The development of Compton and PET tomography is stipulated by that this method allows to evaluate allocation of radioactivity, to carry out quantitative analysis and to receive the image human body at a metabolism level.






New biosensor systems, based on semiconductors, optical transducers, enzymes, immune components, nucleic acids, photoluminescent bacteria, Daphnia's

Microwave bidistiller

Microwave bidistiller

Created in the Laboratory of Analytical Optochemotronics bidistiller has two features comparing to widely spread commercial models.

Electrochemiluminescent analyzer ELAN-3d

Electrochemiluminescent analyzer ELAN-3d

ELAN-3d analyzer combines analog technical means for three-electrode electrochemical and electrochemiluminescent measurement cells maintenance with digital software for control, processing and visualization of electrochemical and electrochemiluminescent assay results. Use of personal computer for control allows practical implementation of known electrochemical, luminescent and electrochemiluminescent methods of investigation

Models for constructing radio wave devices and systems for monitoring and technical diagnostics of the production equipment indoors

Laboratory model of the measuring device.

The development is based on the fundamental radiophysical regularities being adapted for the conditions inside working areas or inside APS reactor compartments.

Optochemotronic Sensor for the Detection of Liquid Analytes

A liquid-phase electro-chemiluminescence phenomenon (ECL) allows creation of an optochemotronic sensor for the detection of analytes in bio liquids.




Reflectometer is a universal measurement tool intended for determination of color coordinates of solid nonluminescent objects.

Professional individual dosimeter DKS-02K “KADMIY”

Professional individual dosimeter DKS-02K “KADMIY”

The professional individual dosimeter DKS-02K “KADMIY” is destined for measuring of exposure dose power of gamma- and X-ray radiation, exposure dose of gamma- and X-ray radiation and exposure time.

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