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Institute of Organic Chemistry of NASU

Institute of Organic Chemistry of NASU

General Information

Institute of Organic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is one of the leading research institutions in Ukraine founded in 1939.

The scientists of the Institute made an important contribution to the world science. Investigations of our scientists in the field of color of organic compounds theory, mechanisms of organic reactions, chemistry of heterocyclic compounds, chemistry of phosphorus-, fluorine-, and sulfur-organic compounds, chemistry of biologically active compounds, supra-molecular chemistry have deserved public recognition all over the world.

Large quantities of the elaborations of the Institute have been introduced to medicine, veterinary, national economy.

As for today, 350 employees work in the Institute and its Pilot Plant, there are 20 Doctors of Science, 90 Candidates of Science, 100 engineers and specialists, 45 technicians among them. The scientists of the Institute have published more than 7 000 original scientific papers, 72 monographs, received more than 1 500 Patents and Author's Certificates, prepared 60 Doctors of Science and more than 400 Candidates of Science.

The structure of the Institute

  • Organophosphorus Compounds Chemistry Department
  • Colour And Structure Of Organic Compounds Department
  • Organo-Element Compounds Chemistry Department
  • Organic Reactions Mechanism Department
  • Phosphoranes Chemistry Department
  • Biologically Active Compounds Department
  • Physical-Chemical Research Department
  • Organofluorine Compounds Chemistry Department
  • Sulfur Organic Compounds Chemistry Department
  • Laboratory Of Biomedical Investigations
  • Laboratory Of High Pressure Synthesis
  • Analytical Laboratory

Pilot Plant

The Pilot Plant is a scientific and industrial complex executing new technologies elaboration, creating scientific-technological documents and producing new chemical products production for engineering, medicine, veterinary, agriculture.

The main directions of the Pilot Plant activity are as follows: manufacture of light- and thermo-stabilizers, oils for PVC processing, compexants for hydrometallurgy, photo-sensibiizers for films, complex lubricants and additives to polymers, bactericide additives for cooling lubricants, substances for medicine and veterinary, regulators of plant growth and chemical reagents.

Institute’s focus

Life science

  • Biologically active compounds for medicine, veterinary, agriculture

Material science

  • Dyes for lasers, holography, solar cells
  • Catalysts
  • Compounds for MOF s gas storage
  • Receptors for sensor devises


  • Selective complexants and extractants
  • Sorbents of toxic radionuclides

Valuable Technology Offerings

  • Development of physiologically active substances and drugs for medicine and veterinary;
  • Development of pesticides and plant growth regulators;
  • Development of cyanine dyes for laser techniques;
  • Development of complexing agents for hydrometallurgy (extraction of heavy, non-ferrous and rare metals) and complexones for the extraction of radionucleides;
  • Development of chemical additives (light- and thermal-stabilizers) to polymers based on PVC;
  • Development of spectral and infrachromatic sensitizers for light-sensitive materials.

Scientific Cooperation and Technology Transfer

IOC’s Pilot Plant has the necessary basic equipment and supply lines to develop technologies and manufacture various types of organic and elemento-organic compounds, including those for medicine and veterinary. The Institute has a building devoted to a Pilot Plant. An additional building is being planned. Current staffing level at the Pilot Plant remains to be about 120 engineers and technicians.

The Pilot Plant’s past projects and developments include manufacturing of complexing agents for hydrometallurgy, complex light- and thermal stabilizers, lubricants and additives to polymers, inhibitors of scale formation, various medical and veterinary preparations, amino acids, herbicides, regulators of plant growth, etc.

Technologies of the Institute (to see each click below)

Contact Details

Vitalii I. Kalchenko
Director, Dr. Sc., Prof., Corr.Member of NASU
Tel.: (+38 044) 292 7150
Fax: (+38 044) 573 2643
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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