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Instrument-Making Research Technological Institute (IMRTI)

The Kharkiv State Enterprise “Instrument-Making Research Technological Institute” (IMRTI) specializes in development of high technologies for instrument engineering and tools with the smallest weight and dimension characteristics, possessing high quality, reliability and long-term durability.

Primary scientific directions

The Institute develops microelectronic and electronic devices, tool materials with special characteristics, as well as state and sector standards for instrument engineering. It has extensive practical experience of producing and supplying to the clients according to their specifications solar cells, photoelectric converters, control and measurement equipment for space applications, thick and thin film chip assemblies for microelectronic devices, sensory devices, tachometers, speed meters, instrument boards for electric devices and tool materials.

Distinctive competencies

The Institute has practical experience in development and production of solar cells for space applications. It was involved in development and production of a solar cell and test instrumentation for power supply of Egyptian and Ukrainian micro-satellites EgyptSat-1 and МС-2-8, where ultralight cell plastic frames, uni-junction photoelectric converters on the base of gallium arsenide and germanium substrate with 21% of efficiency (Picture A) were used. Technology for ultrasonic and microcontact welding of silver inter-element joints and contact boards of arsenide-gallium photoelectronic converters was for the first time developed in Ukraine.

The Institute has mastered the industrial technology for manufacturing silicon photoelectric converters. This is done by applying combined technological processes of diffusion from solid sources and liquid-soluble compounds simultaneously with the processes of external generation providing maximal output power at the level of 190 W/m2, technology for producing assemblies of unijunction gallium arsenide photoelectric converters providing maximal power at the level of 260 W/m2 and flexible solar modules (Picture B). Volt-ampere characteristics of photoelectric converters are presented in Picture C.

A combined orientation sensor providing an angular velocity measurement range of ±20% with separate angular velocity capacity at the level of 0,005% (Picture D) was developed and produced while implementing the project Sich 2 for the space vehicle МС-2-8 for measurement and identification of the sun direction vector angles and vector projections of angular velocities for space vehicles.

The Institute developed a technology for creation of new generation microelectronic devices on the basis of multilayer aluminium polyamide flexible boards, microcables and circuit elements, which allow replacement of wiring and is employed in the modern detector modules used for radiation tool engineering on the basis of the latest microchips of ALICE-128, HAL-25, AMBRA-64, PASCAL-64 types and others with 64 up to 128 information processing channels with speed of up to 100 ns/channel. Ultrasonic welding of aluminium conductors are compatible with ТАВ-technology and are tailored for using automatic welding equipment of FK Delvotec-6400 type.

Recently the Institute has developed, produced and supplied various flexible aluminium-polyamide boards, cables and hybrid chip assemblies for microstrip drift detector modules. Articles used at the international research (ALICЕ, CЕRN, Geneva, Switzerland); includes flexible-rigid multilayer boards on pyrocarbon substrates with heat conduction up to 500 W/m*grad., single and combination crystal multilayer cables for microchips with steps of 100, 80 and 50μm, connecting microcables up to 600 mm long, high-voltage microcables with operating voltage up to 5000 V. This level of technology corresponds to the fifth level (TRL) according to INTAS (STCU) rating.

Unique detector modules on the aluminium-polyimide flexible cables and boards were created for the ALICЕ project. In all prototypes of more than 200 detector module components were developed and created: over 50 thousand of detector module components were produced and more than 2000 detector modules were assembled and incorporated into a detector system of the experiment.

Gallium-arsenide solar cell on the cell carbon plastic frame
Gallium-arsenide solar cell
on the cell carbon plastic frame

Components of solar cells (Silicon photoelectric converter for space applications; Gallium-arsenide photoelectric converter with contacts and protection glass; Flexible module of photoelectric converters)
Components of solar cells (Silicon photoelectric
converter for space applications;
Gallium-arsenide photoelectric converter
with contacts and protection glass; Flexible
module of photoelectric converters)

Compound orientation sensor
Compound orientation sensor

Partnering opportunities

The high level of technological achievements, permitted the Institute to partner with 16 organizations within the European Union in the Seventh EU Research Framework Program in power engineering.

The following were developed:

  • secondary optics structural elements
  • technologies for producing concentrated radiation receivers on the basis of the high-effective multijunction gallium-arsenide solar cells, aluminium-polyimide flexible boards and mini-concentrators

In its research and technological activities the Institute cooperates with enterprises of advanced industries in Ukraine, space agencies in Russia, the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and with research and scientific organizations of the European Union.

Contact Details

Mykola Zamirets, Director
Address: 40/42 Prymakova str., Kharkiv,61010, Ukraine.
Phone: +38057 733-35-68
Fax: +38057 733-11-80
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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