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Home     Ukrainian Institutes “KURS” - scientific and production complex, electronic and production systems

“KURS” - scientific and production complex, electronic and production systems

Building of “KURS” - scientific and production complex

The major activities of JSV “ Kurs“

  • Lead the research and construction in the area of space technologies;
  • The elaboration of construction documentation and providing the scientific and technical services;
  • Engineering support and the production of rockets and space equipment on the specialized plants;
  • Production and realization of product samples.

Equipment of docking system “Kurs”
Equipment of docking system “Kurs”

Currently JSV “Kurs” is specialized on producing

  • Controlling equipment and information processing for rocket and space systems;
  • Surveillance equipment for monitoring the coupling of space objects;
  • Equipment for alternative energy resources (surveillant for accumulative cartridge charge from the solar energy inverter );
  • Panel unit( power block) and inverters (DC/DC,AC/DC,DC/AC) for the fixed and moveable recipients ( railway, aviation and maritime transport);
  • Installation of wireless communication (broadcasting of radio and musical programs);
  • Electronic equipment for using in agricultural and military purposes using the hybrid film technology.

The experience and qualification of the employees at JSV “Kurs” allows to solve complex technical assignments on the level of engineering design as well as on the stage of production.

Contact Details

Volodymyr Repko, Director
Address: POB 115, 9 Borispilska street, 02099 Kiev, Ukraine
Tel.+38(044) 566 65 21, +38(044) 566 72 27
Fax. +38(044) 566 65 21, +38(044) 566-63 98
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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