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Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company

Logo of Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company

General Information

Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (KSAMC) is one of the leading aviation companies in Ukraine. Thanks to an effective cooperation with Antonov ASTC and competitiveness of the manufactured products KSAMC ranks among the leading aircraft manufacturers at the international market. The company gained popularity in the sector of regional and transport aircraft. KSAMC today is an active and consistent adherent to the principle of the integration into the world aviation complex. The Company has produced aircraft of various modifications since 1926, and proved itself as the reliable partner in the aviation business.

Currently the enterprise produces the aircraft developed by Antonov ASTC: the regional An-140-100 turboprop aircraft and An-74 multifunctional transport convertible aircraft in various modifications. Huge possibilities were realized with the design of An-74 for its further improvement and development of perspective modifications. The aircraft of this family are specifically tailored to carry cargo, passengers and equipment; indispensable at humanitarian and special missions. Transport missions include handling and paradropping cargo and troopers, medevac and intensive therapy. With one aircraft family an operator will get more than a dozen options, while converting from one option to another is easy and straightforward. The An-140-100 is designed to carry up to 52 passengers, luggage, mail and cargo on regional routes with high passenger traffic. It can be operated on both concrete and unpaved airfields.

Beside the full-scale production of An-140-100 and An-74 at its facilities, KSAMC delivers An-140 aircraft kits to HESA Company of Iran and to Russia “Aviacor” aviation plant for final assembly. In addition KSAMC cooperates with Antonov ASTC, Ivchenko Progress Design Bureau, KiGaZ Aviant and the Voronezh joint-stock aircraft constructing company in development of the aircraft An-148 (a new generation aircraft).

The company’s aircrafts are well recognized in the CIS countries and the Middle East, in North Africa and in Latin America. Besides, the growing market demand for light transport and regional passenger aircraft, as well as for the VIP jets in super midsize segment, gives the company optimism for future growth.

Aircraft AN-74
Aircraft AN-74

Aircraft AN-74 TK-300 VIP
Aircraft AN-74 TK-300 VIP

Aircraft AN-140-100
Aircraft AN-140-100

Finishing department
Finishing department

Distinctive competencies

KSAMC is among a few aircraft manufacturers in the world with a complete production cycle chain at one location. Several business units organized into KSAMC production complex provide the closed cycle of marketing, series production; maintenance and after-sales support of two families the new generation aircraft. KSAMC comprises:

  • Pre-production and auxiliary production shops with the full set of technological equipment to produce rigging and tools, as well as maintenance of the equipment in production shops
  • hot shops systems, producing stamping and forgings and molding the whole range of parts for the airplanes
  • fitting and welding site processing parts made out of plates, tubes, and sections of carbon and stainless and titanium; welding, fitting blank production and stamping shops system that cut out the material, produce complex 3D parts, sections and tubes for the aircraft systems
  • machine-shops and machine-assembly departments system producing a wide range of parts from nuts and screws to integral wing panels
  • non-metal production shops system for parts of polymer composites, rubbers, plastic and glass, heat and sound proofing rugs
  • aggregate and final assembly shops system where boards, sections, aggregates are assembled and final assemblage of the aircraft is processed
  • coating shop that chemically treats the parts, applies metal plating and paint coat, and carries out the aircraft external painting
  • flight-test center performing ground and flight aircraft tests as well as all predelivery procedures
  • after-sale technical support department that carries out all types of after-sales and post-warranty services

Besides, KSAMC integrated structure comprises MRO services units and equipment producers.

International certification

International quality standards are a core entity of the entire development process (manufacturing and marketing chain) of the Company. The quality monitoring system is certificated under standard ISO 9002. Manufacturing and maintenance facilities of the Company comply with interstate CIS Aviation Committee AR MAK requirements.

The development of after-sale support services to ensure full customer satisfaction is one of the priorities of the company. The concept of service support envisages a tailored scheme of non-stop technical audit that the manufacturer offers to the operator within the whole aircraft service life. It includes: Providing customer with complete documentation set; Training of flight and ground personnel; Warranty; After-sale technical support; System of spare parts delivery; Restoring and repair; Maintenance center creation at the customer’s base; Manufacturer’s supervision.

Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company also has subdivisions as TORA, Aircraft Repairing and Servicing Plant, which provides aircraft technical support, repair, maintenance and overhaul; Sokolniki plant, manufacturing a wide range of consumer goods, beginning with ladders and furniture up to playgrounds equipment; Chuguev Aircraft Repairing Plant, producing various equipment and techniques facilities.

Contact Details

Anatolii K. Myalitisia, General Director
Tel. +38057003439
Fax +380577070834
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Jurii B. Kolomijtsev, Head of Marketing Division
Tel +380577078816
Fax +380577070835
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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