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National Space Facilities Control and Test Center

Logo of National Space Facilities Control and Test Center

General Information

The National Space Facilities Control and Test Center (under the National Space Agency of Ukraine) is a multifunctional entity which conducts research and development in a number of important areas. These include the application of “near-the-earth” space devices which enables:

  • planning and formation of command-program information for onboard equipment functioning on the space crafts
  • conducting communication with the space crafts
  • reception of information about current navigation parameters, projection of movement parameters, calculation of the standard ballistic information
  • control and analysis of functioning condition of on-board equipment on the space crafts
  • identification of the space crafts orientation parameters
  • formation of operation schedule for space crafts control
  • formation of the payload operation schedule
  • information support of technological operations of space crafts control
  • operational information support of data users
  • program-command information output on-board of space crafts
  • acceptance of control-acknowledgement and telemetric information
  • measurement of current navigation parameters

The information reception centre provides reception of scientific and special information within the range of frequencies 327 MHz, 1.6 GHz, 1.7 GHz, 2.3 GHz, 4.8 GHz, 8.025-8.2 GHz, 8.4 GHz and 22 GHz. Information processing units provide preliminary and themed processing of the accepted information in compliance with user’s requests as well as data backup.

Main information hall of NSFCTC
Main information hall of NSFCTC

Quantum-optical station “Sazhen-C”
Quantum-optical station “Sazhen-C”

Quantum-optical station “Sazhen-C”
Quantum-optical station “Sazhen-C”

Radiotelescope RТ-70
Radiotelescope RТ-70

The control and analysis of space situations

This permits the processing, analysis and output of coordination and analytical information about space situation to the users and includes:

  • centre for space control is intended for output of acquisitions to optic and radio surveillance facilities
  • stations for radio surveillance which are responsible for the maintenance of the catalogue of the space objects
  • optic-electronic and optic systems; for the analysis of condition in the near-the-earth space

Problems addressed:

  • tracking of the priority space objects
  • provision of flight safety for national space crafts
  • control for space objects that drift down (fall) and for “space debris”

The stations for radio surveillance are the main source of information about parameter of the space object orbits used for maintenance of the catalogue of the space objects.

The optic-electronic and optic systems. Laser optic devices allow identifying and tracking of the space objects as well as for adjustment of moving parameters. They are aimed at highly accurate ranging and measurements of angular coordinates of space objects for improving accuracy and projection of the orbits. Optic facilities of astronomic observatories are involved for addressing problems of identification and ballistic support of space crafts flights.

The system of outer space scientific research, enables

  • control of interplanetary stations and outer-space crafts
  • conducting of radio astronomy and radiophysical researches.

Provides implementation of works for

  • program “Interferometer” – surveillance of near-the-earth and outer space objects in the autonomous regime and by the network of radio interferometers with very long baselines;
  • radiolocation of the solar system objects;
  • mapping of radio emissions of Galaxy and off-Galaxy sources;
  • identification and cataloging of “space debris”.

The system of geophysical monitoring and provides

  • control for seismic situation in the territory of Ukraine and globally
  • control for non-proliferation of nuclear arms by registration of nuclear explosions globally.

The registration results are transmitted to the International Data Center (Vienna, Austria). The system of navigation and time support, is currently under development. It is intended to provide the users with broad band differential adjustment information for insuring accurate positioning of the user based on application of space and navigation systems.

Contact Details

Stanislav Malevinsky, Director
Address: Yevpatoriya-19, ARC, Ukraine, 97419
Tel.: +38 (06569) 494-18
Fax : +38 (06569) 494-24
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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