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National Aviation University

Logo of National Aviation University

The National Aviation University (NAU) is a large state-owned institution of higher education that takes an active part in many international programs with foreign universities, training centers, associations and companies.

Distinctive competencies

The University has a training airfield, a one-of-a-kind hangar, signal training area and aviation ground equipment facilities as well as training and aerodynamic complexes with the wind tunnel. The University scientific and technical library comprises 2.6 million books.

The following examples demonstrate the strength and depth of the research at the university:

  • Development of equipment for navigation field monitoring which provides the means for evaluating GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, SBAS, GBAS as well as providing real-time accuracy, continuousness maintenance and operation availability.
  • Global Satellite Navigation Systems Interference Stability and Interference Protection.

Satellite navigation signal intensity equals to 10-16 Watt on the Earth surface and any low-level signal that exceeds this level can cause coordinates miscalculation. Antenna arrays ensure interference suppression by means of directional diagram particular form. Interference adaptive antenna array ensures natural and deliberate interference suppression by means of satellite navigation receivers.

Navigation signal monitoring station
Navigation signal monitoring station

Navigation researches by means of geodesic equipment application
Navigation researches by means of geodesic
equipment application

Adaptive antenna array
Adaptive antenna array

UAV M-7 “SKYWATCH” and Multifunctional UAV M-6 “LARK”
UAV M-7 “SKYWATCH” and Multifunctional UAV M-6 “LARK”

The simulator “EXPERT”

The simulator “Expert” is designed for effective students training and the ATM personnel recurrent training at the ATC, flight region and area control centers. The simulator provides:

  • Modeling of airspace within specific boundaries;
  • Simulation of air traffic situation within predetermined complexity in real and fast time scale;
  • Simulation of radar data;
  • Simulation of meteorological conditions;
  • Operation in procedural, module and complex (in local network) modes of operation;
  • Aircraft traffic control in automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode;
  • Aircraft position finding (ATC responsibility zone, flight phase, runway or stand position);
  • Statistic data for ATC station;
  • Simulation of radio and intercom service with individual headset plugging.

The number of pilot stations, trainees and the simulator configuration depends upon customer’s requirements. Module design is used for the system software and hardware realization in the simulator. IBM-based compatible PC software is used for all components of the simulator.


Application: cartography, aerial photography (M-7K), real-time video surveillance (M-7P).

The main objective of the project is to make better a twin-engine UAV onboard surveillance equipment performance by means of its layout design improvement and front semi-sphere surveillance boundary limits enlargement. The onboard equipment vibration load is decreased and the efficiency of the UAV above mentioned functions are perfected.

UAV “SKYWATCH M-7” is a normal scheme twin-engine high-wing UAV. Composite materials have been used as the main manufacturing technique. This provides relative simplicity of UAV manufacturing, because the aluminium alloys are not used in production but all necessary characteristics of strength, reliability and weight have been reached. The wing mounted on two pylons above the fuselage is a special feature of an aerodynamic design. To get the access to the payload compartment the upper part of the fuselage is done in the form of a detachable fairing. The forward observation cameras are installed in the nose part of the fuselage in the special opening.

Multifunctional UAV M-6 “LARK”

Application: biological protection of plants (M-6CX), cartography and aerial photography operation (M-6K), real-time video surveillance (M-6P).

The project is based on the results of the UAV application for pest control, agricultural plantings affections and weeds control efficiency; map-making, video surveillance and other aerial works. The UAVs have proved to be very effective and shown techno-economic efficiency of the operators, performing above-mentioned functions. The economic effectiveness of the UAV application is based on fuel and lubricants savings as well as on the decrease of direct operating expenditures, human and material resources.

Two UAVs with ground navigation system, parachute eject device and specialized onboard equipment can operate under visual met conditions both day and night. Manual and automatic UAV control modes can be used. The automatic mode of operation maintains preset parameters of heading, bank and pitch angles, flight speed and onboard equipment operation control. The utilization of UAV technology gives 3-4 times increase of productivity in comparison with mechanical ground devices. The fuel saving comprises 85- 98% in comparison with the An-2 airplane or the Mil-2 helicopter. The UAV can perform the aerial work on 20000 hectares per season.

Partnering opportunities

The National Aviation University (NAU) cooperates with more than 100 foreign scientific and training institutions of Russia, the European Union, CIS and Asian countries. Indeed the University has been successfully collaborating with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It also has two ICAO European Regional Training Centres which provide training and retraining for personnel of aviation companies from Ukraine and abroad. Both centers use the generally-acknowledged TRAINAIR methods based on ICAO Standards and Recommended practices.

Contact Details

Prof. Volodymyr Kharchenko, Vice rector for science in National Aviation University
Address: 1 Komarov Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03058
Tel: +38 (044) 408-5333
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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