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Pryroda - Earth Remote Sensing and Environmental Monitoring

Logo of Pryroda - Earth Remote Sensing and Environmental Monitoring

General Information

“Pryroda” or “State Research and Production Center of Aerospace Information, Earth Remote Sensing and Environmental Monitoring” was founded in 1992 and acts as a data archiving and dissemination center. The organization has its head quarters in Kyiv, plus branches in Donetsk and the Northeast region of Ukraine, and reports to the National space agency of Ukraine. It is functionally subordinate to the Ministry for environmental protection of Ukraine.

In accordance with directive of the National Space Agency of Ukraine and other departments, “Pryroda” SRPC, acts on the basis of the aerospace survey, promptly develops cartographic materials, performs other tasks with regard to the country defense capacity maintenance, monitoring of ecological and technogenic disasters, exploration of natural resources, and control over their utilization. The current archive of “Pryroda” SRPC remote sensing data is the largest in Ukraine. It encompass aerospace imagery data and consists of two parts: archive of the photocarrier data and archive of digital data.

Primary scientific directions

  • processing, storage, and dissemination of the Earth remote sensing information
  • research, development and production works with regard to the improvement and implementation of remote methods for wildlife management and environmental monitoring
  • assessment of innovation capabilities of the space images from different types of environmental monitoring
  • designing of requirements for conditions and parameters of new aerospace sensing of the territory of Ukraine
  • creation of digital thematic maps on the basis of GIS/ERS technologies
  • creation of the regulatory and methodical documents concerning the Earth remote sensing and environment
  • monitoring of the environment by the remote sensing instruments
  • forecasting and exploration of natural resources by remote methods, studying of the earth crust structure, tectonics, and geodynamics
  • ecological research (pollution of surface water, efficiency of the irrigation systems, vegetation monitoring, etc.)

Geodynamical monitoring of the main pipelines
Geodynamical monitoring of the main pipelines

Estimation of the oil contamination of the offshore zone
Estimation of the oil contamination of the offshore zone

GIS “Zemelny Fund”
GIS “Zemelny Fund”

3D model of the firing ground #5 terrain (JSC “KyivSpecTrans”)
3D model of the firing ground #5 terrain
(JSC “KyivSpecTrans”)

Distinctive competencies

“Pryroda” SRPC facilitates archiving, processing, and transmission of the remote sensing data to various Ministries, departments (including, among others: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine, National Space Agency of Ukraine, Ministry for Environmental Protection of Ukraine and regional state administrations).

“Pryroda” SRPC offers:

  • Data of the Earth remote sensing, including archival data that includes, among others, images made by SC NOAA, "Sich-1", "Ocean- O", "Меteor-3M", "Resource F" ("KFA-1000", "KFA-3000", "КАТE-200" ," МК-4 "), TERRA/MODIS, ERS-1, Landsat, SPOT, IRS, Quick Bird, Ikonos, and ALOS satellites
  • Inter-sectoral processing of the images; geometrical correction, reduction to the defined projection; geographical reference and cartographical transformation of data; colour correction and image filtration; conversion of the aerospace survey materials from the analogue format into digital one. creation of the geo-spatial databases with use of Internet technologies.
  • Thematic processing of the images for accomplishment of the following tasks: monitoring and mapping of agricultural resources; monitoring and mapping of a natural vegetative mold; monitoring and mapping of water resources; use of ERS data and GIS technologies in the geological surveys; use of ERS data and GIS technologies in the ecological surveys; creation and updating of the maps with use of aerospace images; forecasting and prompt assessment of the emergency situations implications.

Contact Details

Vasyl Hotynyan, Director of the center, PhD
Address: 40, Academician Glushkov Ave., building 4/1, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03680
Tel. +38(044) 522-5968, 522-5891
tel./fax (044) 522-5894
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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