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Radio Measurement Research Institute - Joint Stock Company

Building of Radio Measurement Research Institute

General Information

At the Radio Measurement Research Institute (RMRI) highly qualified scientists and engineers are engaged in the development of radio engineering equipment and software. In addition to space technologies, the enterprise is able to develop and implement modern competitive products for other sectors of economy and for public purposes, namely medical equipment, satellite navigation systems, industrial gas meters/correctors, computerized control systems of mini oil refineries and others.

Primary scientific directions

Space instrument engineering

  • Command and measurement complexes for space crafts (SC) control: on-board equipment (OBE), test and control equipment (TCE) and earth-based stations (ES) for SC МС-1, EgyptSat-1, МС-2-8, Mikrosat
  • Systems of telemetric measurements (OBE and TCE) for EgyptSat- 1, МС-2-8, Mikrosat, further- perspective national launch vecicles (LV) and SC
  • Special information radio lines SD (OBE, TCE and ES) for KAMS-1, EgyptSat-1, МС-2-8, Dnepr LV
  • On-board communication transponders for Store&Forward SD (OBE, TCE and email users terminal) for SC , EgyptSat-1, Mikrosat
  • Equipment for satellite navigation of SC and LV (OBE, TCE) for SC Sich-1М, МС-1, EgyptSat-1, МС-2-8, LV Dnepr, LV Cyclon-4 and others
  • Equipment for remote sensing of the Earth: side-looking radar, radiometer, radar with synthetic aperture of aerials, bistatic radar (OBE, TCE) for SC Cosmos, Ocean, Sich-1 , Sich-1 М, Sich-3Р and others.
  • Universal earth stations for information reception from SC and LV for special ground complex of SC Sich -1М, МС-2-8, EgyptSat-1, LV Dnepr, LV Cyclon-4 and others.
  • Units, equipment and systems of superhigh frequency (SHF) for radars with extra-long-range base and others for RТ-70 (Yevpatoriya) etc.

Special purpose systems

  • Multiparametric system of high accuracy trajectory measurements of space and navigation objects (OBE, TCE and ES) – a family of external- trajectory measurements of “Vega” type
  • Ground differential accompaniment of satellite radio navigation systems (control-correction stations, regional points of navigation field control, navigation field control centers) - A system of coordinatetime and navigation support of Ukraine – SCTNPU
  • Systems and facilities for geophysical monitoring – equipment and software of the Ukrainian Seismic Group – USG (PS-45), created under Main Special Control Center of the National Space Agency of Ukraine

Medical Equipment

  • Multifunctional ultrasonic diagnosis complexes – digital Doppler ultrasonic scanners Ultyma -РА, Ultyma -Рrо-30, Ultyma - Рrо-10»
  • UHF diagnostic and treatment machines – a complex of local microwave hyperthermia of prostate АLМGP-01
  • Digital fluoroscopic machines – Digital mammography complex Madis

On-board equipment of command-telemetric and information radio lines for SC
On-board equipment of command-telemetric and
information radio lines for SC

On-board equipment for collection of telemetric data from SC
On-board equipment for collection of telemetric data from SC

On-board equipment for satellite navigation for SC and LV
On-board equipment for satellite navigation for SC and LV

Medical Equipment Ultima PA
Medical Equipment Ultima PA

Distinctive competencies

The enterprise has a powerful pilot prototype production performing tasks from metal working to microelectronics. It also has a testing ground.

Partnering opportunities

Radio Measurement Research Institute (RMRI) provides a whole cycle of scientific, R&D and engineering services from design to production and ‘turnkey’ supply of a wide range of radio engineering equipment to systems for space and special purposes including maintenance.

RMRI works in cooperation with many Ukrainian enterprises and RF entities and is interested in extending mutually advantageous partnership in all spheres of its activities.

Contact Details

Oleksandr Vereschak, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Address: 271 Ak. Pavlov Street, Kharkiv, 61054, Ukraine
Tel. +38 (057) 738-32-00
Fax +38 (057) 738-41-12
Е-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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