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"Ukrcosmos", State Enterprise

Logo of "Ukrcosmos", State Enterprise

General Information

"Ukrcosmos" State Enterprise was founded in 1996. Its primary activities are:

  • Research and development in the field of engineering science;
  • Creation and operation of a unified satellite system of information broadcasting (USSIB) and separate satellite systems, which are part of USSIB, other satellite telecommunication systems;
  • Acting as operator of USSIB, separate satellite systems, which are part of USSIB, other satellite telecommunication systems, and satellite communication special systems;
  • Acting as operator of operator functions of TV and radio satellite network, Internet broadcasting, and corporate and departmental data transmission networks;
  • Designing, testing, and operation of ground space infrastructure of satellite telecommunication systems and its components, equipment, which is part of the satellite telecommunication system space segment;
  • Research and development, design and implementation works in the field of telecommunications, communication, management, radio electronics and telemechanics;
  • Performance of the system projects, extension of the telecommunication networks as well as international satellite communication networks;
  • Provision of scientific and technical and production services with regard to the control systems and communication means;
  • Integration of the advanced scientific and technical findings in the technology of communication organization, transmission systems and data storage;
  • Provision of technical expertise, consultations, production marketing as well as information support of the consumers, training of the customer’s technical staff in operation of the equipment and communication systems, rendering services in procurement of equipment, creation of high-speed scientific, technical, and other data banks;
  • Organization and launching of the space equipment, information technologies, and communication technologies exhibitions;
  • Construction and maintenance of the satellite communication transmission and receiver stations and provision of the support services in their operation;
  • Construction and maintenance of the communication networks

Construction of the satellite transmitting antenna (Up-Link)
Construction of the satellite transmitting antenna (Up-Link)

Complex of transmitter-receiver antenna
Complex of transmitter-receiver antenna

Transmitting satellite antenna (Up-Link)
Transmitting satellite antenna (Up-Link)

“UKRKOSMOS” Projects

Regional TV

“Ukrkosmos” SE Teleport is the modern receiver and transmitter complex equipped with hardware manufactured by the leading producers of broadcasting equipment. The teleport consists of:

  • satellite TV and radio broadcasting center,
  • broadcast television complex,
  • VSAT network control center,
  • Internet broadcasting center,
  • Complex of the technical means for maintenance and communications.

MPEG-4 broadcasting

“Ukrkosmos” has established the first stage of a primary digital satellite distribution network. The ground СРСІО segment comprises: 2 transmission and receiving complexes of the technical means in Kyiv; 41 satellite receiving stations (SRS) in the territory of oblast radio and television transmission centers (ORTTC), including remote locations in the Zakarpatska region; 4 satellite receiving stations in the city of Moscow and Minsk (in the territory of embassies and representative offices of Ukraine); receiving network of the cable television operators across all Ukraine (more than 200 terminals).

Internet broadcasting

“Ukrkosmos” provides simultaneous transmission of audio and video programs and digital data to an unlimited number of computers via global network of Internet. As of today, “Ukrkosmos” carries on Internet broadcasting of UTN television channel – the "World broadcasting service of Ukraine". Internet diagram: the channel broadcasting consists of three servers that are geographically located in New York, London, and Kyiv. Internet broadcasting is an ideal solution for provision of information about the country to the world, most important information about the world – to Ukraine, as well as educational information for the educational institutions, organization of the distance learning and training, etc.

VSAT networks

“Ukrkosmos” offers construction of corporate and departmental networks on the basis of the existing HUB-station of own teleport for the companies, which require uninterrupted communication with their operational branches in other cities of Ukraine or in other countries. In such a case, each branch shall be equipped with VSAT satellite station (Very Small Aperture Termіnal). “Ukrkosmos” provides the services of satellite communication and broadcasting, which may become the solid basis for the cooperation with Canadian broadcasting companies engaged in the international broadcasting and demanding extension of their broadcasting to the territory of Ukraine.

Partnering opportunities

“Ukrkosmos” expresses its interest in the cooperation with Canadian satellite operators and cable network operators in the field of supporting presence of the Ukrainian international broadcasting channels in Canadian satellite digital packages and in the cable network packages. The enterprise is also interested in mutually advantageous cooperation with the Canadian companies - manufacturers of the telecommunication equipment.

Contact Details

Oleksandr Makarov, Director General
Tel./Fax: +3(044) 241-7036, +380(44) 241-8472
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
«Ukrkosmos» SE head office: 37, Pobedy Ave., KPI 4030, building 28, Kyiv, 03056, Ukraine.

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