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КYIVPRYLAD - Production Association

Logo of КYIVPRYLAD - Production Association

General Information

“Кyivprylad” PA has a powerful industrial base equipped with “state of theart” equipment, highly skilled technical staff and technologies.

Distinctive competencies

The company’s activities cover the full cycle of aerospace equipment manufacturing. The equipment is designed for mechanical treatment, printing and forming, forging, cold-heading, thermal, galvanic, impregnation, painting processing; winding equipment. In addition the equipment for casting of plastic and metal under pressure, manufacture of various products for universal application. The manufacturing process is supported with modern standard measuring devices. Testing equipment employed by “Кyivprylad” PA includes: vibration testing machine, shock tables, centrifuges, heat and cold chambers on different volume and temperatures range, moisture resistance test chambers, dust protection test chambers, pressures chambers for tests under high and low pressure, screened chambers, and other modern equipment. “Кyivprylad” PA implements the quality control system, which processes are regulated by 73 enterprise standards.

Overview of the company products and services

Space Applications

“Кyivprylad” PA designed and currently manufactures control systems for “Soyuz-M” and “Progress” piloted and cargo spacecrafts as well as the “Sirius” onboard microelectronic radiometric system that is used for measurement and transmission of information from the “Zenit” and “Proton” launch vechicles.

Within the framework of Cyclone-4 project, the company also developed the hardware and software for the automated control and management system for “Dynatest” vibration insulation system. The complex permits to automate processes during the testing procedures. Currently the complex is successfully functioning at “Yuzhnoye” SDO of Dnipropetrovsk.

In 2006, the company developed, manufactured, and commissioned hardware and software complex for preparation and launching “ZENIT-М” launch vechicle at the Baikonur launching site. This complex is developed to the highest standards. Currently, within the framework of Ukrainian-Brazilian project at the Alkantara space launching site for the “Cyclone-4” LV, the company’s specialists completed development of the working and design documentation and prepared for now production of the following systems:

  • The electric power supply quality monitoring and control system (EPQMCS), which in turn consists of 3 systems:
    – EPQMCS system for electric power supply of the launching complex technological equipment
    – EPQMCS system for electric power supply of the launch vechicle technical complex
    – EPQMCS system for electric power supply of the space vehicle and head unit technological equipment. As a whole, those are 18 cabinets filled with the most modern equipment
  • The automated control system of preparation and launching (ACS PL) consists of the following subsystems:
    – The automated workplace of the works manager
    – Subsystem of the automated remote control of refueling by the rocket fuel components (SADC RFCR)
    – Subsystem of the automated remote control of high pressure air thermostating system for the head unit system of the compressed gases supply (SADC CG)
    – Subsystem of the automated remote control of the rocket fuel components and industrial waste vapour collection and neutralization system (SADC FWVCNS)

Within the framework of the joint Ukrainian - American project on development of “Taurus-II” launcher, the company has completed development of documentation. They now prepare for production of hardware and software complex intended for automation of the management process for the LV automatic elements while conducting pneumatic testing on the technical complex of the launch vechicle tanks ventilation.

Energy direction:

“Кyivprylad” PA has developed and currently manufactures the microprocessor relay protection devices of МРЗС-05 and МРЗС-05M 6-10-35 kV series, that are functionally comparable to the world’s best analogues. Such devices are extensively utilized for replacement of the outdated electromechanical protection devices that reached the end of their service life. Microprocessor protection devices of МРЗС-05 and МРЗС-05M series are successfully operated across the whole Ukraine and in Russia, Belarus, and other CIS countries. The company has developed more than 30 modifications of the microprocessor relay protection devices. “Меtran” series of the microprocessor pressure gauges is manufactured in cooperation with Russian Industrial Group "Меtran".

Energy production (МРЗС-05)
Energy production (МРЗС-05)

МРЗС series devices adjustment
МРЗС series devices adjustment

Plastic products manufacturing shop
Plastic products manufacturing shop

Energy products (Cascade)
Energy products (Cascade)

International certification

The system of a quality control at the enterprise implemented with regard to designing and manufacture of technical equipment is certificated according to requirements of DSTU ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001-2000) standard in UkrSepro certification system. The certificate No. UA2.002.03409-09 was issued on January 29, 2009 and valid till January 29, 2014. Certificates of conformity are issued by the relevant authorities to the products, which are manufactured by the enterprise (microprocessor devices of protection, automatics, joints control and management, electric power meters, pressure gauges, intercoms).

The production quality control system implies the entrance control of component parts and materials, daily and periodic control over observance of technological discipline with registration of the findings and adoption of the corrective measures when necessary.

Contact Details

Olexandr Osadchiy, General Director
2 Harmatna str., Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine
Phone: +38(044) 446-38-48
Fax: +38(044) 446-02-16
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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