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Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology in Honor of M.I.Sytenko

Logo of Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology in Honor of M.I.Sytenko

General Information

The Institute was established in 1907 and is today one of the largest facilities of its kind in Ukraine. It is a major referral center for orthopedic problems requiring expert consultation and sophisticated investigation and management. With more than 240 beds and a wide range of surgical treatment centres, the multi-disciplinary staff at the Institute is able to provide patient care and research in a diverse range of spine and joint diseases / trauma.

At the Institute new techniques and medical procedures are being developed on site with the focus being the spine and joint pathology spheres. Researchers at the Institute have made internationally recognised advances in many areas of orthopaedics and traumatology. Some of the innovative procedures bear the names of their coinventors, such as Sytenko, Novachenko, Chaklin, Korzh, Khvisyuk. Clinical trials of new technologies for the treatment of orthopaedic disorders are also evaluated at the Institute.

Polysegmental construction “МОСТ” (“BRIDGE”) for spinal deformity correction
Polysegmental construction
“МОСТ” (“BRIDGE”) for
spinal deformity correction




The research focus of the Institute are the following:

  • Problems of diagnostics and treatment of the diseases and injures of the spine and joints in adults and children.
  • Primary and revision endoprosthetics of the joints.
  • Application of biologically inert and biologically active materials for plastic of bone cavities and defects.
  • Treatment of axial deformations and shortened limbs in children.
  • Mini-invasive and instrumented surgery of the spine.
  • Treatment of complications after traumas of the spine, pelvis and limbs.
  • Treatment of the tumours of spine, pelvis and limbs.

Main results of the Institute:

Thus in addition to providing pioneering and proven treatment options through its clinical research, the staff at the Sytenko Institute are committed to increasing our understanding of the causes and mechanisms of orthopaedic disorders. The Institute is a centre of excellence, and its world class staff has one of the largest clinical experience in the former Soviet Union in the surgical management of a broad range of orthopaedic disorders.

The Development and Clinical Approbation of Sapphire-Metallic Hip Joint Endoprosthesis. A new hip joint prosthesis, with a sapphire head, was jointly developed by the Institute of Single Crystals and Sytenko Institute of spine and joint pathology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The high wear resistance and other mechanical properties of the sapphire head plus its biological compatibility makes it an attractive technology for hip joint replacement surgery. Clinical trials on the new technology have been successful. There is optimism that the technology can be applied to other joints.

A hip joint prosthesis with a sapphire head
A hip joint prosthesis with a sapphire

The surgery on installing the sapphire-metallic hip joint
The surgery on installing the sapphire-metallic
hip joint

Contact Details

KORZH N.A., Director, professor
Address: 80, Pushkinskaya str, Kharkiv, 61024, Ukraine
Phone. 380-572-700-11-27
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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