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Sumy State Biofactory

Logo of Sumy State Biofactory

General Information

The Sumy State Biofactory is a leading manufacturer of biological products in Ukraine. The Biofactory produces a wide range of products for the protection of people and animals from dangerous infectious diseases, such as, anthrax, rabies, tuberculosis, swine pest, Newcastle disease, etc. The veterinary products address the needs of all the basic groups of livestock.

The Biofactory occupies over eleven thousand square meters. There are four main divisions or workshops for: viral vaccines, bacterial preparations, live samples and glassware preparation, and packaging. Research laboratories provide support to ensure that the products are in line with recent scientific advances and competitive in the global market. The Biofactory's Quality Assurance System, which complies with the Ukrainian State Standards and ISO 9001:2001, ensures the high quality of the products. The Biological Control Department provides comprehensive monitoring of raw materials and production. The Biofactory is certified by the Ukrainian State Science – Control Institute of Biotechnology and Strains of Microorganisms.

Front entrance of Sumy State Biofactory
Front entrance of Sumy State Biofactory

Sumy Biofactory research lab
Sumy Biofactory research lab

Current Vaccine and Diagnostic Production

  • Live sporulated vaccine against anthrax strain SB;
  • Dried virus vaccine against the Newcastle disease in poultry from the Lasota strain;
  • Tuberculin – purified for mammals and poultry in standard solution;
  • Dry purified allergen of atypical mycobacteria with solvent;
  • Monovalent vaccines against leptospirosis in animals;
  • Vaccine Rabivac “HTT” for peroral immunization of wild carnivorous animals;
  • Inactivated cultural dried vaccine against rabies from “Shelkovo-51” strain (2 million doses with the index of immunization 1.8-2.0);
  • Vaccine against swine pest.

The quality of tuberculin for mammals has been confirmed by comparison with European standards (NIBSC's products). A series of tuberculin purified for mammals has been recognized as the National standard. Allergen of atypical mycobacteria has been successfully compared with the Kursk atypical mycobacteria complex.

Plans for New Vaccine Production

  • Live spore vaccine against anthrax;
  • Cultural vaccine against chlamidial abortion of sheep;
  • Cultural vaccine against swine fever;
  • Vaccine against Newcastle disease with non-contaminated eggs;
  • Peroral vaccine against Newcastle disease.

The Sumy State Biofactory welcomes cooperation with western biotech manufacturers and research organizations.

Contact Details

Address: 25 Hamalii St., Sumy 40021, Ukraine
Tel.:+380 542 21 0060
Fax: +380 542 21 0065
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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