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Ukrainian Research Institute of Forestry and Forest Melioration in Honor of G.N. Vysotsky

Building of Ukrainian Research Institute of Forestry and Forest Melioration

General Information

Institute was founded on December 23, 1929. Since 1966 the Institute has been subordinated to the Ministry, later – the State Committee of Forestry of Ukraine. On April 1, 2004 it obtained the status of double subordination to the State Committee of Forestry of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The leading institute on the issues of forestry and forest melioration in Ukraine. Experimental network of the institute is almost the whole territory of Ukraine.

Scientific departments

  • The Laboratory of Forestry
  • The Laboratory of Forest Cultures and Forest Melioration
  • The Laboratory of Forest Protection
  • The Laboratory of Forest Ecology
  • The Laboratory of Economics and Forestry Organization
  • The Laboratory of Forest Soil Science
  • The Laboratory of Forest Monitoring and Forest Certification
  • The Laboratory of Advanced Information Technologies
  • The Laboratory of Forest Durability
  • The Laboratory of Selection
  • The Department of Scientific Information

Fundamental researches

  • Monitoring of forest ecosystems;
  • Identification of criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management, and certification of forests;
  • Simulation of influence of natural and anthropogenic factors (including global climatic changes, industrial emissions, radionuclids) on the productivity and condition of forest ecosystems;
  • Study into forest biodiversity conservation and renewal;
  • Study into the structure and status of tree gene pools;
  • Study into processes of growth, development and reproduction of forest plants, their adaptation to new conditions including the application of biochemical and cytological methods, procedures for microclonal propagation of forest species;
  • Forecasting spatial and temporal dynamics of insect pests populations;
  • Study into the population-related structure of hunting fauna.

Applied researches

  • Development of principles for forestry management on the zonal-typological basis, standards for forestry management under the new economic conditions;
  • Improvement in methods and techniques to grow high-productive and resistant forest and meliorative stands;
  • Identification of critical levels of aero-technogenic loads on forest ecosystems, organization of recreative forest use, division of forests according to their economic and recreative purposes;
  • Development and improvement of forest seed-growing systems to obtain high-productive and resistant types of native and introduced species of forest trees;
  • Improvement in effectiveness of forest shelter belts and systems of ameliorative stands;
  • Development of methods on stands resistance improvement towards unfavorable biotic, abiotic and anthropogenic factors, perfection of forest pests and diseases prediction and control;
  • Development of GIS-technologies for forest inventory.

Principal achievements

  • Legislative documents were drafted and practical recommendations developed concerning forest use and forest management;
  • Grounded were ages of maturity for major forest-tree species of Ukraine and forest economy zoning for the territory of Ukraine;
  • Respective norms of optimal forest coverage were calculated.

Contact Details

Tkach Vicror Petrovych, PhD. of Agricultural Sciences, Director
Address: 86 Pushkinska St., 61024, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Phone/fax: (057) 704 1002; 704 1009
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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