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State Enterprise “Yuzhnoye” State Design Office

Logo of State Enterprise “Yuzhnoye”

General Information

The State Enterprise “Yuzhnoye” State Design Office was founded in 1954 for development of ballistic missiles whose full-scale production was implemented at the Yuzhny machine-building plant. The experience gained in creation of combat missile complexes allowed the setting up of powerful research and engineering facilities, which eventually produced unique and world-class technologies and products for space and civilian applications.

The “Yuzhnoye” State Design Office together with Yuzhny machine-building plant developed 13 combat missile systems, 7 space missile systems, more than 70 types of space devices, about 50 types of rocket engines and propulsion installations for different purposes, more than 50 new materials and technologies. Joint work of the Yuzhnoye State Design Office and Yuzhny machine-building plant implemented more than 900 launch vehicle operations, more than 400 orbital injections for astrophysical observations, global research, remote sensing of the Earth and the World’s Oceans as well as for national security purposes.

Primary Scientific Directions

Development of the following types of space sector products and provision of the following services:

  • System design and development of missile space systems of ground, sea and air basing;
  • System design and development of missile carriers;
  • Development of combat missile systems;
  • Development of space devices for remote sensing of the Earth, space devices for research purposes;
  • Development of solid propellant and liquid engines and propulsion systems;
  • Providing launch services using missile carriers of the series “Zenit”, “Dnepr” and “Cyclone”;
  • Development of products for national economy purposes;
  • Development and commercialization of innovative technologies for various purposes including wind-powered generating plants, water desalinating plants, vaporization machinery for processing of industrial and liquid nuclear wastes, steam generators and others;
  • Test performance such as strength, pneumohydraulic, electric, climatic, radiofrequency and other tests;
  • Firing and bench tests of engines;
  • Development of new materials and technologies;
  • Conducting calculation-theoretical works on ballistic strength thermodynamicsetc.

The State Enterprise “Yuzhnoye” State Design Office is working on the creation of the national geostationary systems for communication satellite designed to provide services of regional and national television and broadcasting, Internet and telephone services. New launch vechicles of the “Mayak” family are currently under development. They rationally combine the advantages of economic efficiency and easy operation. Aviation space launch vehicles are also under development.

Sea Launch
Sea Launch

Cyclone-2 Launch Vechicle
Cyclone-2 Launch Vechicle

Sich-1M satellite
Sich-1M satellite

Partnering Opportunities

The State Enterprise “Yuzhnoye” State Design Office is interested in cooperation with foreign organizations in the following spheres:

  • Provision of launch services with different variants of space device injections into the near-earth and geostationary orbits using LVs “Zenit-3SLB”, “Zenit-2SLB”, “Zenit -3SL”, „Cyclone-4”, „Dnepr”.
  • Joint development and development by orders of rocket and space complexes for civil and military purposes.
  • Joint development and development by orders including operation of space systems for scientific researches of the Earth, the World Ocean, space, remote sensing of the Earth and provision of telecommunication services.
  • Development of space systems on “turnkey’ basis (providing launch services, training and other related services).
  • Development of systems and units of rocket and space engineering, new materials and technologies for creation of rocket and space devices (explosion welding).
  • Cooperation in the sphere of creation of solid and liquid propellant engines and propulsion systems.
  • Cooperation in the sphere of development, creation and commercialization of innovative technologies for different purposes.
  • Cooperation in the sphere of space research and resolution of scientific and research problems.
  • Military engineering cooperation in creation of rocket technologies within MTCR.
  • Cooperation in the sphere of new technologies of power engineering and other technologies for civil purposes (injection of radioactive wastes into space, solar power engineering and wind power engineering etc. ).
  • Provision of services on experimental basis (firing and bench tests of engines, strength tests and others).
  • Cooperation in the sphere of education and training of specialists in the field of rocket and space industry.

Under the development of new materials and coverings for extreme environments Yuzhnoye SDO is ready to cooperate within the following areas:

  • Polymer composite materials for engineering purposes;
  • Three-layer honey-comb structures;
  • Heat protection and heat insulation materials;
  • Carbon-carbon composite materials;
  • Multilayer metal composites obtained using explosion energy;
  • Exploration of mechanical and physical performances of the materials;
  • Non-destructive methods of materials and structures monitoring;
  • Cleanliness control and maintenance.

The State Enterprise “Yuzhnoye” State Design Office is involved in numerous international programs and projects such as “Sea Launch” (USA, Russia, Ukraine, Norway), “Dnepr” (Ukraine, Russia), “Land Launch” (Ukraine, Russia, USA), “Cyclone-4” (Ukraine, Brazil), “Vega” (EU, Ukraine), “Taurus- 2” (USA, Ukraine) etc.

Contact Details

Alexander DEGTYAREV, General Designer – General Director
Address: 3 Kryvorizka str., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49008
Tel. 38 (056) 770 04 47
fax: 38 (056) 770 01 25
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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