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E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, NASU

Building of  E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute

General Information

The E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine was founded in 1934 by the prominent scientist and engineer Evgeny 0. Paton. From the outset, the scientific activity of the Institute was based on the principle of combining fundamental research and applied engineering tasks. Scientists at the Institute successfully developed a method of automatic submerged-arc welding and elaboration of the scientific principles, technology and equipment for this process, which laid the basis for mechanisation and automation of welding production. The activity at the Institute featured expanding and deepening of theoretical and experimental investigations of welding different grades of steels, estimation of the strength of welded joints and structures and development of new systems of fluxes, wires and welding facilities.

In the 1950s the scientific activity of the Institute resulted in a wide application of automatic and semiautomatic welding in leading industries - ship building, tank, boiler and bridge construction, etc. A new method for joining heavy metal sections, i.e. "electroslag" welding, was developed on the basis of welding with forced weld formation. The technology of metal surfacing using alloyed solid and flux-cored wires was elaborated at that time for repair and manufacture of new products. Investigations were conducted to provide the technology for welding low-alloy and alloyed steels, aluminium, titanium and their alloys. The Institute was active in making new welding consumables, special equipment, power supplies and automatic control systems. A new technology for producing super high-quality metals and alloys, i.e. special electrometallurgy, emerged on the basis of using welding heat sources.

Since 1953, Professor Boris E. Paton has headed the Institute of over 1500 specialists, which today is the world largest research and development centre on weldingand special electrometallurgy.

Focus and Expertise

Scientists of the Institute accomplished many important milestones which include:

  • Development of the technology for mechanised pulsed-arc welding;
  • Welding in space and under water;
  • Electron beam welding of thick metals;
  • Flash-butt welding of heavy metal sections;
  • New high-efficiency and low-toxicity welding consumables;
  • Methods for substantial improvement of reliability and durability and extension of service life of welded structures.
  • Methods and facilities for non-destructive testing;
  • Technical diagnostics of welded joints and structures;
  • Vapour-phase electron beam technology for production of materials with special properties;
  • Electroslag re-melting and casting of parts;
  • Widening of application fields for electric arc, including the plasma one, for welding, cutting, surfacing, coating and re-melting of metals.

Mathematical models and computer programs are available for prediction of thermal-deformation and solidification processes. Abnormal phenomena of gas absorption of metals under arc welding conditions have been studied. Currently the research priorities of the Institute are:

Advanced welding technologies:

  • Strength, reliability and durability of welded structures;
  • Surfacing, coating and surface treatment technologies;
  • Special electrometallurgy;
  • Development of new structural and functional materials;
  • Technical diagnostics and non-destructive testing;
  • Automation of welding and related technologies.

Partnership Opportunity

Installations for press ultrasonic Welding of plastics

Installation UZPK-10
Installation UZPK-10

Installation 800M
Installation 800M

Electron beam systems for deposition heat-resistant and thermal barrier coatings on turbine engine blades

Electron-beam facility UE-187 for the deposition of ceramic thermal barrier coatings for turbine rotor blades
Electron-beam facility UE-187 for the deposition of ceramic thermal
barrier coatings for turbine rotor blades

Welding of titanium

Facility for welding of titanium
Facility for welding of titanium

Equipment for continuous ultrasonic welding of polymeric materials

Apparatus for ultrasonic welding seam
Apparatus for ultrasonic welding seam

A seam obtained by welding the multilayer plastic film
A seam obtained by welding the multilayer plastic film

Contact Details

Paton Borys E, Academision, Prof.
Address: Bozhenko 11, Kiev-150, 03680, Ukraine
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: (+380 44) 287-6779, 287-3183
Fax: (+380 44) 528-0486

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