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Institute of agriculture of Western Polissya

Logo of Institute of agriculture of Western Polissya

General Information

The institute of agriculture of Western Polissya was created from agrarian and biological research stations back in the late fifties of the twentieth century. The institute is located in the Rivne town and in Rivne and Volyn regions of Western Ukraine.

Presentation of Institute of agriculture of Western Polissya

Main directions and activities of the institute

  • carrying out the analysis of epizootic and veterinary sanitary care of livestock in Ukraine and in some other regions, developing recommendations on these issues;
  • studying diseases of farm animals, of fur animals, of small domestic animals and fish, development of diagnostic, preventing and treatment means;
  • scientific methodical and consultative assistance to agricultural institutions, veterinary professionals and to individuals on issues of combating animal diseases and raising their productivity;
  • developing, testing, implementing into practice manufacturing technologies;
  • serial production of medical preventing and diagnostic drugs;
  • studying and synthesizing advanced practices, agricultural scientific technical information, familiarizing agriculture specialists with achievements of veterinary science and advanced practices as well as delivering lectures, conducting seminars and other activities improving the qualification of veterinary specialists;
  • developing and providing recommendations, flyers, brochures on various aspects of diagnosis, prevention and elimination of animal diseases including new organizational forms and technology of manufacturing farm products, participation in their implementation;
  • ecological agriculture and animal husbandry;
  • in the last 2 years the institute works in cooperation with local and German manufacturers of ecological control appliances.

The Institute has two main research units

  • Department of epizootology
  • Department of parasites and design of veterinary drugs.

Research units of the institute

Department of epizootology

Sector of endemic diseases

For the first time in Ukraine main ecological factors and pathophysiological aspects of congenital endemic goitre in calves were described; disease symptoms were studied, the functional status of thyroid was clarified and on this basis informative methods for the diagnosis of the revealed pathology were developed and introduced into practice.

Laboratory of young animals' diseases

The laboratory of young animals' diseases developed efficient methods for preventing and treating microelementoses in cattle on the basis of unique zeolite containing basalt tufas of Rivne region and saponites of Khmelnitsky region. Peculiarities of iodine deficiency and iodine antivirus properties were studied.

Laboratory of young animals' diseases

Sector of methods of epizootic monitoring of equine diseases

Specialists of the laboratory of equine diseases (the only one in Ukraine) during a short period after its creation studied epizootic situation concerning equine diseases. They developed a number of treating and preventing drugs and schemes for treating respiratory diseases, injuries of nervous system, of genital tract, the program of providing epizootic well-being of horses.

Sector of methods of epizootic monitoring of equine diseases

Sector of fur animal diseases

The laboratory of "Fur animal diseases" developed and introduced into practice measures concerning the prevention and medical treatment against main diseases of fur animals. Documentation was worked out and approved for manufacturing the following drugs for fur animals and domestic carnivores -"Dermamiks", "Enteromiks","Trihomiks" and some vitamin mineral drugs.

The laboratory has a well known in the region veterinary clinic for small animals. They cure animals from other regions as well.

Laboratory of epizootic diseases of ruminants

Researchers of the leucosis laboratory carry out research and development work on studying peculiarities of infectious and epizootic processes of cattle leucosis. The system for rapid recovery of bovine leucosis was developed and implemented. The laboratory had a functioning research veterinary system "Orion" providing for well-being of Ukrainian farms. Due to the cooperation of scientists with the specialists of veterinary medicine 8 regions of Ukraine were cured of leucosis. The combination of diagnostic techniques of immunodiffusion reaction, immunoferment analysis, of polymerase chain reaction allows to analyze epizootic situation concerning slow infections at the level of world standards. Biotechnical production facility on the basis of the laboratory was established and is functioning.

Department of parasites fauna and design of veterinary drugs

Laboratory of parasitology

Laboratory of parasitology

The laboratory of parasitology created back in 1959 has for many years been conducting research of invasive diseases of farm animals not only in the zone of the location of the research centre in Western Polissya but also in other regions of Ukraine. One of the laboratory priorities is to develop predictions concerning simuliotoxicosis outbreaks in farm animals, of parafistomatosis, fasciolasisand dyctiokaulosis of ruminants in the area of Western Polissya of Ukraine.

Laboratory of ichthyopathology and biotechnology

The laboratory of ichthyopathology and biotechnology studying fishery reservoirs of Rivne region found about 20 various invasive and infectious fish diseases. The influence of treatment and preventing drugs on the basis of ethers of thiosulfonic acids on the development of ectoparasite invasion and the immune system condition was studied. The laboratory developed techniques of express-diagnosis offish; the bank of histological drugs was created.

Laboratory of differential diagnosis

The laboratory of differential diagnosis used mass-spectrometric studies (first time in Ukraine) for creation of the mass-specters bank of more than 250 drugs of veterinary medicine. Express techniques for mass-spectrometric determination of the compatibility of active substances were developed. On its basis the production of 22 drugs of wide action was set up.

Laboratory of pathomorphology

Laboratory of pathomorphology

Since the foundation of the laboratory a comprehensive analysis of organs and tissues was conducted for cattle with chronic lymphoid leucosis and retrovirus infections. The influence was disclosed of controlled ionizing irradiation on the morphological condition of internal organs in sheep depending on the applied dose of gamma rays. The analysis of morphological peculiarities of leucosis process in sheep infected by the virus cattle leucosis was performed. The comprehensive study of morphofunctional changes in organs and tissues in horses with infectious anaemia was conducted. Currently, possible changes of parenchymal organs of animals after feeding GMO-plants are studied.

On the basis of the institute in 1997 company called "Research experimental production of Institute of epizootology" was founded. Scientifically guided by the Institute the company manufactures 76 treatment and preventing veterinary drugs.

Research developments of institute

Research developments of Institute of agriculture of Western Polissya

During institute existence its researchers took part in 32 projects of scientific technical programs of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine. They have developed scientific production system for curing cattle leucosis; for the first time in Ukraine initiated the use of mass spectrometry for needs of veterinary medicine and pharmacology; developed the system to predict outbreaks of fasciolosis and paramfistomatosis of ruminants, simuliotoxicosis of farm animals. 11 monographs and 5 volumes of collected papers were issued, 700 research articles were published. 38 developments were completed and introduced into practice defended by patents of Ukraine for inventions including: diagnostic appliances - 2; treatment and prevention drugs - 23; normative documents - 7; instructions, methodical recommendations, technologies - 7.

Among them the most significant are:

  • Vaccine inactivated against emphysematous carbuncle of cattle and sheep "Emkarvak".
  • Technique for detecting the disease of leukemia in cattle.
  • Method for growing healthy calves from cows infected with leukemia virus.
  • A set of components for serological diagnosis of bovine leukemia.
  • Disinfectant tool "EPIDEZ".This new ecologically friendly low-toxic way to disinfect objects of veterinary sanitation care, foci with bacterial and virus etiology, for preventing and mandatory disinfection and decontamination of livestock and poultry premises which does not interact with processed objects (metals, glass, rubber and plastics) and forms polymeric film on processed objects which results in the prolongation of the efficient action (up to 1 month) and saving of the framework. The method retains the efficient action under frosts up to minus 16 C.
  • Antibiotics of extended action "Oksimikol" "Tilozomikol""Levomikol".
  • Anticholinesterase drug "Amirydin".
  • 2 standards were developed and implemented of laboratory diagnosis and technological regulations "Accounting of animal diseases in the course of trade in cattle and pigs" harmonized with WTO requirements.

New Products of Institute of agriculture of Western Polissya

Only in the recent period 4 Doctor habilitatus and 7 Ph.D. dissertations were defended, 31 patents was received for inventions, 4 monographs, 16 methodical recommendations and instructions, 7 pamphlets, 18 technical specifications, over 900 scientific papers were published.

The institute staff is a co-author of approved instructions in diagnosis and rehabilitation of farms from leukemia, fasciolosis, tuberculosis, instructions to combat anaplasmosis of cattle and equine infectious anaemia, and also instructions on measures to combat fish botryocephalosis in breeding farms.

On the basis of scientific research results the institute offers such services

  1. Sale of developed diagnostic set on cattle leukemia in Ukraine, CIS countries. To carry out the cattle diagnosis on leukemia. Cattle medical treatment and rehabilitation for Ukrainian farms by institute staff.
  2. Sale of own disinfectant Epidez in Ukraine, CIS countries, Western Africa and Latin America.
  3. Consultations to veterinarians in Ukraine.
  4. Supply of environment control devices, including sensors for determining soils condition, life diagnosis of animals for radio nuclides, radon control, and fluorescence blocks for optical microscopes.

Research in Institute of agriculture of Western Polissya (IAWP)

Research in  (IAWP)

Research in  (IAWP)

Research in  (IAWP)

We invite interested institutions and enterprises to cooperation and conducting joint research projects

Contact Details

Lytovko Volodymir
Address: 35325, Rivnenska str. 5, vShubkiv, Rivne district, Rivne region, Ukraine
Tel: +380362 273674; +380362 27 35 00
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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