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The Uzbek Scientific Research Institute for Plant Protection

General Information

The Uzbek Scientific Research Institute for Plant Protection (UzNIIZR) is the large scientific research and coordination centre of the matters in pest organisms’ management. The Institute was organized in 1911 on the base of the Turkistan entomological station. At present time it consists of 3 scientific departments, 11 laboratories and the Kokand, Kashkadarya, Khorezm, Surkhandarya region branches including the Namangan reserve one. The main trends of the scientific activity are regulated by the Scientific Council. The researchers of the Institute have been carrying out the scientific developments to improve of the complex systems on protection of cotton, cereals, fruit, vegetable, fodder and pasturable fields from pests, diseases and weeds. Achieved methods on plant protection are safety for environment and can be used for these purposes as biological, agro technical, chemical control that can increase the crop yield and its quality. There are 113 employees in the Institute; 8 of them have Doctorate degree and 26 are PhDs.

Institute’s Focus

The main studies of the institute are directed to development of theoretical and methodical bases of Integrated Pest Management against complex of the pests, diseases and weeds in zonal area.

The aspectual composition, spreading, economic importance, biological particularities of the main pests and diseases of the cotton, alfalfa, corn, vegetable-melon and other cultures.

Institute scientists are working on development and improvement technologies on mass production and using beneficial insects on cotton against chewing and suctorial herbivores insects. It was made as especial technology of biological control. It becames the premises for attraction the foreign investments that have opened greater possibilities to expansion of the exploratory works for improvement of technologies for production and using entomophags (natural enemies of pests).

Valuable Technology Offerings

  • Planning the protection actions and determination of the needs in resource for plant protection (forecasting);
  • Development and introduction agricultural, biological, mechanical, physical and chemical control against harmful organisms on the field and greenhouse crops;
  • Development the method of pheromone monitoring of herbivore pests and mites;
  • Estimation of agro toxic characteristics of perspective pesticides advantageously differing on its toxicological characteristic from previous. Introduction pesticides and technologies of their practical application into production;
  • Prospecting perspective microbial preparations - antagonists and development technologies of their using against soil pathogens.

Scientific Cooperation and Technology Transfer

The Institute realizes the complex studies with Institute of Zoology AS RU, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry AS RU, Institute of Chemistry of Plant Substances AS RU, Institute of Geneticists and Plant Experimental Biology AS RU, Uzbek Institute of Sanitation, Hygiene and Prophylactic of Diseases MOH RU, Tashkent Agrarian University, Branch Institutes of the Research-and-Production Centre of Agriculture and Water Management, and also with leading research agriculture centers of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, USA, Israel, Germany, China and others.

Contact Details

Director: Dr. Sagdullaev A.U.
Address: 4 Bobur UZNIIZR, 100140 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel: (+99871) 260 4852
Fax:(+99871) 260 4853
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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