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Information Module for Determination Seismic Situation

In high seismicity regions of the world, in conditions of fast changes, dangerous situations connecting with strong earthquakes there are need of urgent support of local Ministries of Emergency Situation (MES) or other State Secure Service by Information Module Determination of seismic situation on the territory.

Usage of Coclops for the Control of the Larvae of Blood-Sucking Anopheles Mosquitoes


The problem of the prevention of spread of imported malaria is currently burning in Central Asia, Uzbekistan being one of the states where import of malaria from adjoining and distant states is recorded every year.

Novel Methods to Produce Cotton Somatic Embryoids from Gossypium Hirsutum L. and Other Cotton Species

Intensive development of methods for cultivation of isolated plant organs, tissues and cells is widely applied not only as a product of secondary metabolism but as a model system for study of differential gene expression and material for plant genetic manipulation.

Test of the Most Efficient of the Microbial Strains against Soil Pathogens in Vegetable Field Crops

It has been developed the biological control technology of plant diseases. It is based on active forms of microorganisms that are isolated from the soil and returned to the same place as preparations naturally appeared in the process of evolution.

Data Transmitting System for Seismic Network

For operative detection of earthquake location a data processing center is in need with digital earthquake waveforms from local seismic stations.

Preparation for Prevention and Fight against Bacterial Diseases of Cotton

Prevention and fight against bacterial diseases of agricultural plants are carried out using a mixture of bacteriophages specific to strains of the bacteria.

Advance Technological Processes for Entomophages Mass Production and Application

There have been designed the complete set of the modest technological equipment for industrial production of Habrobracon hebetor, Trichogramma pintoi and Chrysopa carnea.

The Advanced Ways for Crop Protection on the Basis of High-Effective Methods in Stimulation the Plants Immunity to Pests and Diseases

This research is directed to improvement the ways of plant protection against pests and diseases to increase production of crops on the base of high-effective methods in immunity stimulation with combining use immune preparations in the tank mixture of pesticides.