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Development of Water Purification Devices in Uzbekistan


The question of population access to secure drinking water is critical in Central Asia, and Uzbekistan is a showcase of this problem being a) the region’s most populous country and b) having some of the worst quality of ground water (salt and mineral concentration, concentration of bacteria exceeding maximum allowed levels). This problem can be solved by organization of production of household filters and water treatment systems.

An extensive market research conducted in the preliminary phase of the project has shown that the market of water treatment devices in Uzbekistan is empty, i.e. there are not any Uzbekistan companies producing/selling water filters in the republic, and on the other hand the potential market size for various sorts of water treatment devices is estimated to be huge.

Institute of Nuclear Physics of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences has developed water purification/disinfection/desalination devices for collective and individual use. They have been tested in laboratories of USA, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, India and other countries. The STCU/UK DTI partner project P#265 “Establishment of a serial production and marketing of water purification devices in Uzbekistan” has been devoted to launch the serial production of above-mentioned household and industrial water purification devices that will respond to the needs of a wide population in Uzbekistan.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The serial production of water filters has been organized in production premises located in the Institute of Nuclear Physics. During the project implementation the Institute of Nuclear Physics started serial production of individual water disinfection devices IVK-1, water purification system FBK-31, collective (industrial) water treatment system IVK-1-2 and household water softening filters FBK-1. The implementation of the project creates new sustainable jobs in the field of production of water treatment devices. These jobs are expected to be sustainable during several years after project accomplishment. Other benefits include contribution a solution to the huge drinking water problems facing Uzbekistan.

Areas of Application

The developed water filter devices is going to be widely utilized by inhabitants of Uzbekistan regions with poor water quality as well as by small villages, various governmental and commercial organizations, water producing companies, etc.

Fig. 1 Assortment of water treatment devices produced within the framework
of P-265 project implementation.

Fig. 2 The process of production of industrial water treatment systems.

Stage of Development

Developed household and industrial water treatment devices have been certified by GOSSTANDARD of Uzbekistan. The STCU project P-265 has provided establishment of a business in the field of production of water treatment devices that will be profitable and sustainable for a long time within following years in Uzbekistan.

At the moment expansion of production is taking place.

Contact Details

Institute of Nuclear Physics
100214 Ulugbek, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Contact person: Rashid Khaydarov
Tel.: (+998 71) 369 3144
Fax: (+998 71) 150 3088
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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