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Advanced Mobile Laboratory in Uzbekistan


Advanced Mobile Laboratory is meant for fast detection of radioactive materials, heavy metals and toxic compounds (poisons) at the industrial areas, in constructing, technological and office premises. The laboratory equipment allows conducting radiation monitoring and elemental analysis of the samples, to estimate efficiently the environment condition in the remote districts of the Republic. The laboratory is placed inside of the powerful car - LandRover 110 capable to work both in desert conditions and in highlands. The laboratory is equipped with diesel electric generator DX6000E of 5 KW in power and additional conditioning system of the cabin, sustaining work temperature in the cabin both in summer (up to +450С), and in winter (-150С). The life support systems of the laboratory give the opportunity, in off-line mode, to carry out analysis of unknown samples.

Mobile laboratory has 3 modern analytical systems:

  • detection system of toxic-chemical compounds;
  • detection system of heavy metals;
  • detection system of radioactive contamination.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The detection system of radioisotopes allows to determine radioactive isotopes contents in the samples of soil and water, conduct monitoring dose rates of irradiation both in the environment, and in the manufacturing areas and technological premises.

Rapid preliminary radiation monitoring of the location or manufacturing premises is carried out by help of manual gammaspectrometer МСА1300/NaJ (Canberra, USA). Time exposure of one measurement takes from 1 to 15 min. which gives the opportunity to conduct both pedestrian and motortruck monitoring. The detected radioisotope is identified immediately on-place, defining specific activity. The lower registration limit of radioactive radiation makes up to 10 nSv/hour. In the mobile laboratory, between controlling computers of analytical systems hybrid wireless high-speed mobile connection is installed on the basis of application of wireless technology and mobile Internet resource. Wireless network allows operators in the course of carrying out investigations, to exchange information between them, as well as to transfer obtained information to Radioanalytical centre of Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP) for taking expert assistance. The maximal distance between various analytical systems in the field conditions makes up 400 - 500 м.

Areas of Application

The mobile laboratory equipment and analytical techniques have been tested by analysis of international standard reference materials and participation in the implementation of international projects and research works such as:

  • monitoring the dose rates of radioactive radiation (at the territories of some Uzbek R&D Institutes and its technologic premises);
  • monitoring of pesticides and heavy metals in soil and water (nearby Kyzil-Uy town, Nukus, Kara-Kalpak);
  • monitoring of the radioactive isotopes, pesticides and heavy metals in soil and water/river sediments (along the rivers Chirchik, Amu-Darya, and Akhangaran);
  • radiation capture research of protons in the reactions С12(р,γ)N13 and С13(р,γ)N14 at low energies (jointly with the Institute of Applied Physics of the National University of Uzbekistan);
  • research of the microorganism’s ability to destruct the stable chlorine-organic compounds (jointly the Institute of Microbiology AS RU).

Fig. 1 Detecting of radioisototes, heavy metals, toxic industrial compounds, etc.

Stage of Development

The laboratory is completely supplied by necessary equipment. It has been carried out seasonal monitoring the samples of water, bottom sediments and soil nearby the river bed of Akhangaran and Chirchik. The trial seasonal monitoring of the river of Amu-Darya, joint with specialists of Bio-ecology Institute, Kara-Kalpak Branch of AS RU and State Epidemiological Inspectorate of Kara-Kalpak Republic has been carried out.

Contact Details

Institute of Nuclear Physics
100214, Ulugbek, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Contact person: Rylov A.A.
Tel.: (+998 71) 289 3118
Fax: (+998 71) 150 3080
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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