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Mass Spectrometer of Heavy Nuclei Fission Products


The research of atomic nuclei fission processes is actual and perspective field of nuclear physics. Here for descriptions of fission processes the account of different effects is needed, such as plurality of reaction channels, quantity of fission, account reconstruction and shell effects, interaction account of collective and one-partial degrees of freedom of fissioned nucleus, etc. Unfortunately, for today there is no microscopic, a self-coordinated theory capable to describe the nucleus fission process dynamics from saddle point up to scission point. The accumulation of the experimental data is required for the further theoretical calculation, generalization and formation of the full quantitative theory. For this purpose the different measurements methods of mass, energy and charge methods of nuclei fission products are used, where mass spectrometry method is most precise. For reception of precise quantitative information about physical characteristics of heavy nuclei fission processes at WWR-SM reactor of Institute of Nuclear Physics АS RU the mass spectrometer of nuclei fission products is prepared for measurements. Mass spectrometer has candle-power ~ 10-6 sr. and mass resolution ~ 900, fixed on the reactor horizontal channel in the neutrons flux ~ 1,2*1012 n/cm2*s on researched target and it is equipped with electronic registration system of nuclei fission products on the basis of 32 strips silicon detector with the surface 60х60 mm2 and 0,3 mm thickness.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • Measurements of nuclei fission heavy fragments are impossible on other mass spectrometers;
  • Measurement mass (with the resolution ~1 а.m.u.) and energy (with the resolution 1%) distributions of heavy nuclei fission products;
  • Measurement of mass distributions from processes of deeply asymmetric nuclei fission requiring long (24 and more hour) expositions for the statistical material receiving;
  • Use of 32 channels registration system of nuclei fission products allowing observing of data in real time.

Areas of Application

Mass spectrometer is intended for the statistically supplied measurements of fission products, and also for definition of effective neutron capture cross sections of materials, for measurement of cross section dependence on neutrons energy.

Fig. 1 Mass spectrometer appearance.

Fig. 2 Relative mass yields (Y, %) of nuclei fission products
of 239Pu and 235U at different kinetic energies of fission heavy fragments.

Stage of Development

Mass spectrometer is tested and is ready for physical experiments on neutron beam of nuclear reactor.

Contact Details

Institute of Nuclear Physics
Ulugbek, 100214, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Contact person: Yu. N. Koblik
Tel.: (+998 71) 289 300
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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