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Home Uzbekistan Technologies Fabrication of Coverings with Pictures on a Surface of Porcelain, Artificial and Natural Stones

Fabrication of Coverings with Pictures on a Surface of Porcelain, Artificial and Natural Stones


Technological process of fabrication of pictures on a surface of various products, particularly on glassy materials and natural stones, includes:

  • The art elaboration of decorative illustration and manufacturing of photo masks;
  • Vacuum precipitation of a metal covering on a surface of samples;
  • The realization of lithographic processing of a surface and electrochemical processing.

Technological process is universal for any glasses, ceramics, porcelain, natural and artificial stones. The size of manufactured products theoretically is not limited. Color zones (the color) of illustrations are formed individually and color of a zone is precisely regulated. Used processes are differed universality, wide technological opportunities and ecological cleanliness.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

It is necessary to note, that the offered technology mostly is approached for reception of individual (custom-made) products and souvenirs with thin decorative multi-colour image on a surface, for example on artificial stones. The coverings differ high mechanical and chemical stability, are harmless at contact to the person and foodstuff. The technology is well combined with manufacture of haberdasheries and jewels.

Areas of Application

The vacuum technology of manufacture of color decorative images can be successfully used in various spheres of manufacture and processes of creation of following products:

  • Decoration of stones, for example sapphires, the artificial onyx, used in jewellery art;
  • Decoration of products from porcelain and glass, and also building materials;
  • Manufacturing of souvenirs, badges, trade marks, technical inscriptions.

Fig. 1 Images on artificial onyx.

Fig. 2 Decorative picture on a porcelain.

Stage of Development

  • The normative designing-technological documentation on the basic components, equipment and technological processes of formation of coverings is developed.
  • There is an experience of small-scale release of products from porcelain and artificial stones with pictures (images) on a surface. There is an opportunity of small-lot production.

Contact Details

SPA Akadempribor 28, F.
Khodjayev St. 100125 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Contact person: Telman D. Radjabov
Tel.: (+998 71) 262 7273
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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