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Home Uzbekistan Technologies Ozone Generators for an Agriculture and Ozone of Handling Seeds and Fruit and Vegetable of Production

Ozone Generators for an Agriculture and Ozone of Handling Seeds and Fruit and Vegetable of Production


New laboratory devices and industrial devices for handling seeds of agricultural production by ozone (ozone - air mixture) with concentration up to 1,0-5,0 g/m3 and handling of working areas by streams of ozone with concentration 0,1- 100 milligram/m3 have been developed. The carried out researches have shown growth germination of grain cultures and cotton-plant up to 20 %, growth of energy of germination up to 30 % and suppression of harmful microorganisms. The optimum conditions of ecological pure action by ozone on seeds and areas in return for chemical (fungicides) of handlings are defined. The variants presowing of handling cotton- plant and grain ozone by air mixture are developed. The conditions of handling by an ozone of fruit and vegetables permitting to increase period of storage in 1,5 -2 times are defined.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Ozone generators on coronal discharge are simple and reliable on a construction, do not require clearing of air, have the increased resource of work efficiency of generation of an ozone 5-25 gram per hour and ecological cleanness of processes are secured. These devices are effective for presowing of actions both storage and transporting of production.

Areas of Application

The presowing handling seeds of cotton-plant and grain cultures in place of fungicides. The disinfection of storage, volumes, containers. During handling of fruit and vegetable production.

Ozone generators for handling agricultural production.
Fig. 1 Ozone generators for handling agricultural production.

Stage of Development

Ozone generators are developed by us for handling seeds and storage.

Contact Details

SPA Akadempribor
28, F. Khodjayev St. 100125 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Contact person: Telman D. Radjabov
Tel.: (+998 71) 262 7273
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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