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Home Uzbekistan Technologies Development of 35% Solar Pumped Laser: Transformation of Concentrated Sunlight into Laser Radiation With Small Parabolic Concentrators and Fresnel Lenses

Development of 35% Solar Pumped Laser: Transformation of Concentrated Sunlight into Laser Radiation With Small Parabolic Concentrators and Fresnel Lenses


Nanotechnology has made it possible to achieve high transparency, large-size, homogeneous solid state laser materials. The ceramic fabrication technology was a fundamental breakthrough for the development of high-power laser applications. In particular, the opportunity exists for creation of the powerful and efficient solar pumped lasers which could be a solution for both the energy supply problem and environmental concerns for the planet.

Recently, we have designed and fabricated the stand of the solar laser on the base of the Big Solar Furnace (BSF) of the Scientific and Production Association “Physics-Sun” (Uzbekistan). Using crystalline Nd3+:YAG rods we have demonstrated the possibility of utilization of 1 MW BSF for pumping purposes. We used a small part of a focal spot of BSF and at the relative low solar flux density the laser radiation power of 80 W has been obtained from single Nd3+:YAG rod with working sizes of 6x130 mm installed in the multi-element secondary concentrator. However, one of the main results was development of computer model of the solar laser which is based on ray-tracing and Monte-Carlo methods.

The model allows carry out calculations for lasers of a various configuration and active elements of the different form. Based upon experimental results and with use of the computer model we have performed numerous calculations for different laser configurations. It was shown that the conversion efficiency of solar energy into the laser can be up to 30% of the solar flux energy collected at the focal area of BSF. But for some of applications it is preferable to have lasers on small size solar concentrators. Below we present the results for parabolic concentrator with the diameter of 1m which is promising to be the best candidate for solar lasers. A number of such lasers together could be more cost-effective than BSF and to be used for some of industrial applications.

Fig. 1 Schematic view of the laser on parabolic concentrator.

Fig. 2 illustrates 35% efficiency of such lasers. The same results we have obtained for Fresnel Lens with the sizes of 1m2.

Fig. 2 Output power of laser radiation vs. input power and solar
flux intensity for the scheme with the parabolic concentrator with
a diameter of 1m. The reflectivity of the concentrator was assumed
equal 90%.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The new, simple scheme providing effective conversion of solar energy into the laser radiation and better than existing schemes is offered. The use of the offered scheme can allow to considerably increase the maximal power of solar pumped lasers achieved in the world and to create solar lasers in the wide range of powers on the bases of different small and big scale solar collectors and Fresnel lenses.

Areas of Application

Application of solar pumped lasers underlies many modern scientific and technical projects in different topics: transportation of energy in space, from space to the ground; sounding of an atmosphere, ocean and the ground from space, communication in open space; photosynthesis; hydrogen generation, production of synthetic fuel and other useful and valuable materials in production quantities and a number of other ground -based applications.

Stage of Development

The computer model for calculations of parameters of different solar pumped lasers is developed. At the present time, we are making up the simulation software for calculations of the amplified spontaneous emission.

We are searching for partners for collaboration in realization of the ideas on development of above mentioned lasers.

Contact Details

SPA Akadempribor
28, F. Khodjayev St. 100125 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Contact person: Dr. Sh. Payziyev
Tel.: (+998 71) 2625972
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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