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Home Uzbekistan Technologies Technology of Obtaining Sintered Pyrocerams on the Basis of Synthesized Glasses of Pyroxene and Cordierite Compositions on the Solar Furnace

Technology of Obtaining Sintered Pyrocerams on the Basis of Synthesized Glasses of Pyroxene and Cordierite Compositions on the Solar Furnace


One of the perspective areas in modern material sciences is the development and use of glass ceramic materials for various purposes. In spite of presence of fundamental principles of pyroceram synthesis, the change of synthesis conditions and purity of initial glass leads to obtaining of materials which have various phase compositions and properties.

A particular interest is provoked by obtaining of pyrocerams on ceramic technology which, unlike widely applicable glass technology, facilitates development of materials with the set properties. A technology of obtaining sintered pyrocerams on the basis of pyroxene and cordierite compositions synthesized under the influence of concentrated solar radiation on the Big Solar Furnace (BSF) with power of 1 MWt has been developed in the institute of Material Sciences SPA “Physics- Sun” AS RU.

Characteristics of obtained materials:

  • Pyroxene pyrocerams: apparent density 2,8 g/cm3; durability at curve is 135 MPa; wear resistance is 0,045g/cm2; acid resistance is 98-99%; heat resistance is 750-8000С.
  • Cordierite pyrocerams: apparent density is 2,43 g/cm3; durability at curve is 100 MPa; electrical resistance is 25 kW/mm; heat resistance is 2500С.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The technology of obtaining sintered glass ceramic materials has been developed for the first time on the basis of glasses synthesized under the influence of concentrated solar radiation. The main advantages include:

  • Ecologically pure technology;
  • The usage of regional raw materials and waste products of industry;
  • Economical effectiveness due to the usage of renewable source of energy;
  • Development of scientific and technological base for industrial production of technical pyrocerams.

Areas of Application

Pyroxene pyrocerams due to their chemical resistance and high wear resistance may be used in construction, chemical, textile industries for floor boarding, cladding buildings in the form of tiles, constructional assemblage, for production of thread feeders. Cordierite articles have high dielectric and thermal properties.

Application fields: elements of high voltage and low voltage electrical technology, including isolators of various purposes, catalyst carriers, spark plugs, heat-resistant dishes, saggers, accessories, articles for equipment of high and low voltage, isolators for arc-suppressing cameras, electric heaters.

Fig. 1 Big Solar Furnace by 1MWt thermal power (Parkent, Uzbekistan).

Fig. 2 Thread feeders and isolators.

Stage of Development

Laboratory experiments of synthesized materials have been done. Experimental samples of thread feeders have been produced from pyroxene pyrocerams and various isolators from cordierite pyrocerams. Development of technological documentation necessary for organization of production of this type of articles is on its final stage. Patent application is on execution stage.

Contact Details

Institute of Materials Science
Contact person: Dr. Sultan Suleimanov
Address: 2-B, G. Mavlyanov St. 100084, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel.: (+998 71) 235 4061
Fax: (+998 71) 233 9564
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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