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Powerful Lasers Pumped Up by the Concentrated Radiation in Big Solar Furnace Focus


Today the technology of direct solid-state laser pumping from the Sun has got a pragmatic character. But to further increase lasers power the resource in the area of solar energy collecting has been depleted.

An optical system of the Big Solar Furnace (BSF) of Institute of Materials Science is still to be the biggest by the possibility in collecting the sunlight radiation energy. Its effective working collecting area is ~1820 m2 and a power up to 1 МW is concentrated in focal zone with the diameter 40±10cm.

At mobilization of 40 % BSF power in the central part of its focal zone, diaphragmed by the sizes 14X14 cm a power of CW laser radiation 80 W has been received here from one active element Nd:YAG, working sizes Ø6X130 mm.

At the regime of BSF MegaWatt power full mobilization, the total power generated by a battery of active elements will be up to 8 КW.

Ceramic analogues of monocrystal active elements that have a compound Nd3+: Cr3+: YAG shows a potential opportunity to increase the transform efficiency of light pump energy into energy of laser radiation in some times, in connection with an opportunity to introduce there more activating impurity concentration, hence more pumping energy absorption in an active absorption band. Use of these materials on BSF in near future will rise the solar laser potential power up to 50 KW and above.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Generation of electric energy, for example in Space, from sunlight on silicon photocells, at the essential greater their efficiency (10-15 %) is intended to be used within the limits of local object. Attempt to energy transfer into other objects will lead to losses at its transformation into the transportable form (the microwave, laser one) that will lower the general efficiency of this method to a level of direct transform efficiency into laser radiation energy, including its transportation. Lasers with solar pumping do not take direct expenses to pump, and in 2-3 times are more economic to obtain the same output power.

Table 1 Comparative characteristics of solar lasers.
* Output P0 per single crystall.
** Multiple Crystal Lasers with unknown number of elements.

Areas of Application

On the Earth powerful solar lasers can be used for technological purposes (processing of materials: cutting, welding), in the guidance and orientation systems of various devices and in distance diagnostics of an atmosphere state by probing. The best prospects of a broad use for solar lasers are in the field of near-earth space projects, in particular on the Moon.

Large solar power stations that are assembled in the geostationary orbits can direct inexpensive energy in the form of dense fluxes to ground objects and other orbital objects. It is much more economical to spend the modelling and working off the block modes of designed powerful orbital optical and laser-power systems in ground conditions, on the solar laser on the BSF basis.

Fig. 1 Big Solar Furnace pumping system and Stend for laser cavities.

Stage of Development

The Laser Stend has been tested in laboratory and is available for demonstration in real conditions.

Contact Details

Institute of Materials Science
Contact person: Dr. A. Fazilov
Address: 2-B, G. Mavlyanov St. 100084 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel: (+998 71) 262 5972; 235 3041
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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