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Microbial Preparation Verbactin for Biocontrol of Cotton Verticillium Wilt


Problem of cotton Verticillium wilt is a serious agricultural problem for many countries. In years of severe disease development up to 80-90% of plants may be infected and yield loss may be up to 50-69%. Moreover, fiber length, strength and extensibility, seeds germinating ability and germination power, oil content decrease. Fungus Verticillium dahliae is capable to preserve viability in soil during long time. Treatment with chemical fungicides is expensive and ecologically harmful. Agrotechnical methods do not affect greatly number of infected plants. The core section of protection is development of resistant varieties. But, usually cotton resistance to wilt is not long lasting and with time passing new highly virulent isolates of pathogen to new cotton varieties appear in nature. Nowadays biocontrol attracts more attention of phytopathologists worldwide.

We isolated from cotton rhizosphere at different stages of its development 297 bacterial, 183 actynomycetes and 81 fungal strains. Developed scientific methods for selection of microorganisms- antagonists allow to consider all peculiarities of cultures, which should be studied before new method of biocontrol to be recommended for application. It includes inhibition of growth and development of V. dahliae and other main agents of diseases, action on useful bacterial microflora, etc. It has been selected by 2 active strains of actynomycetes, bacteria and filamentous fungi according to criteria. Tests on biological activity, column chromatography and HPLC analysis allowed to extract active origin from actynomycetes and bacterial cultures and to determine its protein nature. High-molecular compounds consisting of polysaccharides, which express no activity against wilt agent, were also determined. Polysaccharides and proteins are not bound in the form of glycoproteids.

New complex antibiotic preparation Verbactin has been developed on base of active compounds produced by selected actynomycetes and bacterial cultures. Mechanism of preparation action on induced immunity of cotton was determined based on phytoalexins synthesis and enzymatic response of plants on treatment with microbial preparation Verbactin. High efficiency of preaparation has been established and confirmed by vegetation and field trials. Pre-sowing treatment of cotton seeds (variety Bukhara-6) with preparation Verbactin with subsequent sprinkling of plants during vegetation promotes to increase by 15.2-18.5% of seed germinating ability, to decrease by 88.5- 89.1% of cotton infestation by wilt agent, to increase by 22.8% of cotton fiber yield compared to control. Preparation Verbactin is perspective for biocontrol of cotton Verticillium wilt as combining high antifungal, stimulating and colonizing activities.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Cotton cultivation demands on application of fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, defoliants and so on. These preparations are accumulated in soil and pollute environment (soil, water and air). Microbial preparation Verbactin has a number of advantages compared to chemicals:

  • Low dose of use (0.008 kg per 1 tom of seeds; 0.012 kg per 1 hectare for sprinkling);
  • Increased germinating ability and energy of germination of seeds, growth and development of plants, and yield;
  • Microbial preparation is not accumulated in soil, environmentally safe;
  • It possesses double effect: inhibiting on phytopatho - gens, and stimulating on plants’ immunity.

Areas of Application

Preparation may be used as fungicide and plant’s growth and development stimulator in crop sector including cotton production and selection of resistant varieties.

Fig. 1 Influence of preparation Verbactin on cotton root
system (on the left are control healthy roots, on the
right are roots treated by Vrebactin).

Stage of Development

Efficiency of new preparation Verbactin proven in laboratory, green-house and field conditions. Technology of preparation production has been developed on experimental facility.

Contact Details

Institute of Microbiology
Contact persons: Dr. Sanabar Khodjibaeva, Dr. Javlon Tashpulatov
Address: 7B, A.Kadyri St. 100128 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel: (998 71) 244 8421
Fax: (998 71) 244 2582
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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