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Preparation for Prevention and Fight against Bacterial Diseases of Cotton


Prevention and fight against bacterial diseases of agricultural plants are carried out using a mixture of bacteriophages specific to strains of the bacteria. Bacteriophages are used to treat the following objects: infected seeds, ill plants or plant materials, soil where the infected plants are growing, irrigating water, soil supplements, etc. The set of bacteriophages and the method of its application have been described.

The objective of the invention is to create bactericidal prepara tions suppressing pathogens, causing cotton gummosis. The preparation has been created on the basis of a compo - site of bacteriophages which selectively kill phytopathogenic bacte ria. The task has been solved through de ve lop ment of a preparation which contains a complex of bacteriophages, specific to phytopathogenic bacteria. Lysing bacteriophages, bacterial viruses, have narrow “specialization” in damaging and dissolving phytopathogenic bacteria but do not contaminate environment.

The set of bacteriophages has been isolated using wellknown techniques (F.B. Iriarte et al, 2007, A. Sulakvelidze, 2005) from environmental objects which contain phytopathogenic bacteria: soil, water – both irrigating and draining, herbarium of ill plants, seeds of infected plants, etc. Bacteriophages’ concentrate is able to lyse Xanthomonas bacteria in a specific way. The treating preparation is a sterile filtrate of Xanthomonas phago-lysate. The bacteriophages’ composite can also be introduced directly to soil or irrigating water. The composite can be sprayed on vegetating plants or put on affected plants with a swab. A polyvalent concentrate of bacteriophage reduces infection of plants with bacterial diseases by 50-90% contributing to increasing the yield.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The main advantage of the invention is development of a preparation to treat and prevent bacterial plant diseases by the method which is an alternative to chemical bactericidal preparation contaminating environment. Application of chemical bactericidal preparations enables to control the pathogens, however, frequently the efficacy of their application is rather low and, in addition, these preparations are not safe both for plants and environment. A team of authors pioneered in developing bacteriophage preparation with a workname “GU, THE MAGICIAN” which is a Polyvalent con cen - trate of Bacteriophage lysing bacteria Xanthomonas malvacearum, the causative agent of cotton gummosis.

Areas of Application

The invention is related to agriculture as means of protection of plants from bacterial diseases in particular.

Fig. 1 Cotton plants (in the lower part – after the treatment with the bacteriophage preparation).

Stage of Development

  • Tested in field experiments;
  • Available for demonstration.

Contact Details

Institute for Genetics and Plant Experimental Biology
Contact person: Dr. Elena Kamilova
Address: 102151 Yukoru-Yuz Tashkent region, Uzbekistan
Tel: (+998 71) 212 3271; (+998 97) 156 4018
Fax: (+998 71) 212 3271
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,

G.Eliava Institute of Bacteriophage, Microbiology and Virology
Contact person: Dr. Taras Gabisonia
Address: Gotua str.3, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: (+995 77) 42 3225
Fax: (+995 32) 38 6821 E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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