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Information Module for Determination Seismic Situation


In high seismicity regions of the world, in conditions of fast changes, dangerous situations connecting with strong earthquakes there are need of urgent support of local Ministries of Emergency Situation (MES) or other State Secure Service by Information Module Determination of seismic situation on the territory.

Unfortunately around the world, except China, all Emergency Situation Services are not suggesting such Information Modules. On the base of standard CSS-3.0 format on seismologic data - paleoseismological data, historical earthquakes, instrumental earthquakes, stations, site, instruments, arrival, aftershocks, strong motions, phases of P and S waves and others – there has been prepared Catalogue of Earthquakes of Uzbekistan.

In addition, in MapInfo and Arc.GIS formats there have been prepared/digitalized the main geologic, tectonic, geophysical, hydrogeological, underground waters (geochemical contents), landslides and other maps. Seismological and geologic-geophysical data of Information Module consist of the following successive layers:

  • Topographical map;
  • Geological map;
  • Tectonic map;
  • Geophysical maps (magnetic, heat flow, etc.);
  • Landslide map;
  • Map of seismic zoning;
  • Map of epicenters of earthquakes.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

For the first time the Information Module for MES RU had been prepared. The Module has been installed in 10 Departments of MES RU in provinces of Uzbekistan.

Areas of Application

  • Assessment of mitigation seismic risk on the territories and important sites as exploitations and building new hydrotechnical constructions;
  • Chemical industry: exploitation of gas-oil fields; Safety of historical monuments;
  • Development of digitals broadband seismic stations;
  • Geoenvironmental safety of water reservoirs, dams, etc.

Fig. 1 Map of earthquakes’ epicenters in Uzbekistan and adjacent territories.

Stage of Development

It has been created joint database - Information Module Determination of seismic situation for all MES Departments in provinces of Uzbekistan. The tests have been carried out.

Contact Details

Institute of Seismology
Contact person: Dr. Makhira Usmanova
Address: 3, Zulfiaykhonim St. 100128 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel: (+99871) 241 7498; 241 5170
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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