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Lactobacterin for Veterinary – Probiotic for Use in Poultry Production and Cattle Breeding

Preparation consists of freeze dried cultures of representatives of normal enteric microflora, antagonists of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms (L. acidophilus, L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus, S. diacetilactis). Highly effective preparation is based on local strains of lactic, propioniacid, coli and bifidobacteria and designed for prophylaxis and treatment of enteric diseases of poultry and calves. Probiotic prevents enteric infections at calves, stimulates growth, development and productivity of cattle and poultry.

Microbial Diversity for Novel Biotechnology Applications

Study of extremophilic microflora represents special interest in Uzbekistan, where prevailing regions are highlands and deserts with natural factors promoting to development of extremophilic cultures of microorganisms. But the system selection and study of samples from these ecological zones of Uzbekistan was not conducted by now and data on existing microbial diversity represent incomplete picture.

Analyzer of the Content Profile of Hydrogen Isotopes in Materials

The analyzer of the contents and concentration profiles for isotopes of hydrogen in various materials was developed on the basis of neutron generator NG-150.

Development of Water Purification Devices in Uzbekistan

Institute of Nuclear Physics of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences has developed water purification / disinfection / desalination devices for collective and individual use.

Probiotics for Medical Treatment of Diseases of Stomach and Duodenum

Preparation “Lactopropionics” comprises local strains of Lactobacillus casei 925 and Propionibacterium avidum 1. The nutrient medium and cultivation conditions securing maximum growth of bacteria on base of lactoserum have been determined. Preparation exerts high activity against Helicobacter pylori causing ulcer of stomach and duodenum. It has been developed the technology of immobilization of cells of Lactobacteria and Propionibacteria on microcrystal cellulose, apple and mandarin pectin promoting to preservation of cells viability in modified state both during long-term storage and at low values of pH of simulated gastric juices.

Microbial Preparation Verbactin for Biocontrol of Cotton Verticillium Wilt

Microbial Preparation Verbactin for Biocontrol of Cotton Verticillium Wilt

Problem of cotton Verticillium wilt is a serious agricultural problem for many countries. In years of severe disease development up to 80-90% of plants may be infected and yield loss may be up to 50-69%.

Gemstone Coloration by Neutron and Gamma-Irradiation for Jewelry





Since brightly colored precious gemstones are met more seldom in the nature, and the demand for them is growing stably, there were developed several techniques for coloration of pale natural raw stones

Sealed Radioactive Co-57 Sources for X-Ray Fluorescent Spectrometers

The XRF method is widely used in ore mining and processing, varnish-and-paint industries, hydrometallurgy, chemical industry and ecological control