Technologies available for licensing, investment, joint ventures and R&D contracts in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan

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International Cooperation in the Field of Protection of the Environment


Issues concerning water quality and quantity have already became critical among the countries of Central Asia - Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and are rapidly becoming critical in others.

Enhanced Nuclear Techniques for Material Identification

In Uzbekistan it is important to supply needs of various industries of the Republic (geology, mining industry, agriculture, ecology, medicine, forensics and others) in highly sensitive elemental composition analysis, and in reliable identification of unknown, contraband, including radioactive and nuclear materials.

Studies of the Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Claddings of the Irt-3m and Irt-4m Type Fuel Assemblies With 90, 36 and 20% Enrichment in Uranium-235 for Estimation of Their Durability

Channel and containers for sample irradiation.

The purpose of the STCU project U87 is to make non-proliferation contribution and conversion of the reactors to low-enrichment fuel assemblies.

High Sensitive Magnetograph of Constant and Low Frequency Magnetic Field Measurements

The magnetograph includes one or several highly sensitive magnet field sensors, connection interface with portable desktop/laptop and uninterruptible power source for the computer, and power source for sensors.

Advanced Mobile Laboratory in Uzbekistan

Advanced Mobile Laboratory is meant for fast detection of radioactive materials, heavy metals and toxic compounds (poisons) at the industrial areas, in constructing, technological and office premises.

Mass Spectrometer of Heavy Nuclei Fission Products

The research of atomic nuclei fission processes is actual and perspective field of nuclear physics. Here for descriptions of fission processes the account of different effects is needed, such as plurality of reaction channels, quantity of fission, account reconstruction and shell effects, interaction account of collective and one-partial degrees of freedom of fissioned nucleus, etc.

Changing the Physical Properties of Doped Cuprate High Temperature Superconductors

The doped copper oxide (cuprate) high temperature superconductors (HTSC) have attracted great interest not only for their scientific significance, but also for the obvious practical applications related to their high critical superconducting (SC) transition temperature Tc.

Fabrication of Coverings with Pictures on a Surface of Porcelain, Artificial and Natural Stones

Technological process is universal for any glasses, ceramics, porcelain, natural and artificial stones. The size of manufactured products theoretically is not limited.