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Scientifically-Founded System of Garden and Vineyard Protection against Pest Organisms on the Base of Biocenosis Study

The scientists of the Research Institute for Plant Protection have developed the method for fruit orchards and vineyard protection from pests and diseases.

Use of Morphological Barriers of Agricultural Plants for Their Resistance to Whitefly (Aleurodidae)

The influence of leaf structure on its infestation with whitefly.

It has been studied the crop plants resistance to pests including whitefly that at present time in Uzbekistan is spread not only on the crop field but also in greenhouses.

The Advanced Method for Predator Mites (Acarina: Phytireiidae) Rearing and Their Application Against Crop Pests in Uzbekistan

The conditions and technique for rearing of predator mites: Amblyseius mckenziei, A. сucumeris, and A. swirskii, has been developed and were introduced from other countries into Uzbekistan.

Biologically Active Protein from Soybean Cake

Biologically Active Protein from Soybean Cake

It has been isolated sp-2 protein from soybean cake which has shown high antineoplastic activity on a number of experimental tumor cultures (Sarcoma 108, Melanoma B-16, AKATOL and AKATON) in vivo and sporadic malignant neoplasm of a human (breast cancer and endometrium cancer) in vitro by the group of scientists from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry AS RU

Development of the Biological Pest and Disease Control on Medicinal Herbs in the New Economic Conditions

It has been developed intensive technology of breeding the medicinal plants with using ecological safety methods of protection.

Technology of Rice Protection Against Diseases and Weeds

The rice seeds treated by this technology

The new technology of protection rice against diseases and weeds has been developed in Uzbek Research Institute of Plant Protection.

New Way of Pest Sterilization Using Technical Gossypol

In the framework of joint research by the group of scientists of Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Uzbek Research Institute for Plant Protection it has been developed the new way of sterilization the Lepidoptera pests, larvae of which are soil dwelling. For this purpose there was used technical gossypol that has been obtained by scientists of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry as a preparation of first cotton seed processing.

Complex Protein-Vitamin-Enzyme Preparation Based on Use of Microorganisms

Complex Protein-Vitamin-Enzyme Preparation Based on Use of Microorganisms

The method of preparation of fodder for cattle breeding is developed on base of bioconversion of plant wastes with use of biomass of fungus Trichoderma harzianum. It allows to produce complex protein-vitamin-enzyme preparation. Cellulolytic and other hydrolytic enzymes of this strain participate in partial disintegration of such hardly digestible compounds like cellulose, lignin and so on which are presented in plant wastes (cereals straw, stalks of cotton and corn, etc.). Fodder (silo) obtained from plant wastes as result of such enzymatic treatment is enriched with sugars, protein and vitamins. Feeding of cattle with such fodder allows to increase live weight at lower cost compared to mixed fodder.